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Full Sized Or On The Small Bites, Myah Mows Down On EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken Formula Dog Food!

The Good: Very nutritious, Myah enjoys it quite a bit, Great ingredients!
The Bad: WAY too expensive, Odiferous, Made Myah’s breath smell meaty!
The Basics: Myah enjoyed the EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken dog food each time I fed her it, but it made her feeding area and her breath smell . . . a LOT!

The other night, when I was between bags of dog food for Myah as she undergoes a joyful time of culinary exploration with a week on each new food she tries, I decided to give her a bonus treat, a sample pack of an EVO dog food that was seafood based. When I opened it, I nearly gagged; the scent was so strong and fishy. Myah, our stalwart Siberian Husky (so one assumes, she’s a fan of fish) looked at me with an expression that seemed to say “Are you kidding me?!” and Gollum, our little black cat mewed in envy. I was thrilled when Myah ate it all up right away, as it helped the smell go away! But, then and there, I decided that the next bag of food Myah would get would be the 28.6 pound bag of EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken dog food, I got in for her.

The EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken dog food is a great example of how Myah’s preferences do not always win out. Myah loved every moment of eating this food, but at the expense of $75 for a 28.6 pound bag, this was way out of my price range for daily feedings. For those people who want and can afford to spoil their dogs, this might be a great food for you. For the rest of us, it’s a (perhaps) once a year treat and a great holiday or birthday gift for your dog.


A single serving of EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken dog food is two cups for a big dog like Myah and she is supposed to get one such serving per day, so the 28.6 pound bag lasts about a month, given how eagerly she consumes it. Getting a month out of the $75 bag is far too expensive for me, even for a food Myah loves eating. Each piece of EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken dog food is a dark brown square that is very mealy in its texture and hard as well. They are 1/2" on each side and 5/16” thick.

Ease Of Preparation

As a dry dog food, preparation of EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken dog food is as easy as opening a bag and measuring out the pellets inside. There is no further prep needed.

Myah’s Reaction

The EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken actually smells incredibly like meat. On the week Myah was dining exclusively on this food, I watched her go from sleeping on her bed to sniffing the air to running for her bowl for this food. This is a very aromatic dog food, though the aroma is not entirely unpleasant, though it is a generic meaty smell. Myah ran to her bowl each and every time this food was set out for her. She enthusiastically consumed it at every meal and she even waited by the bag a few times in eager anticipation. The only drawback from the food itself was that it actually did left a heavily meaty smell on Myah’s breath. That meat breath endured on her breath for hours after consumption as well!


EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken dog food is made primarily of turkey, chicken, and turkey meal. The ingredients are all natural, though there are added minerals for canine health. This particular dog food is low in carbohydrates and has a decent amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in it. According to the guaranteed analysis, EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken dog food has at least 42% crude protein, 22% crude fat, but no more than 2.5% crude fiber and 10% moisture. As a dry dog food, it is highly recommended that you have adequate water available for your dog when serving it EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken dog food. Myah frequently drains her water bowl after eating this dog food.


EVO Grain Free Turkey & Chicken dog food is one of Myah’s favorite dog foods, but given the expense of it, I cannot justify it even for her happiness. For those who have active dogs and bank accounts with a positive balance, along with the inclination to spoil their dog healthy, this might well be the right dog food for you and your pet! For those on a budget, though, it’s too tough a sell.

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