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Perfect Peppermint? Edy’s Has It With Slow Churned Limited Edition Peppermint Ice Cream!

The Good: Not entirely un-nutritious, Inexpensive, Tastes like Peppermint!
The Bad: Seasonal-only availability makes me sad. 
The Basics: Edy’s Peppermint Ice Cream is a more subtle, perfect ice cream that is not as bad for you as most standard ice creams (especially with candy pieces in it)!

Anyone who reads my many, many reviews, will discover quickly that I am a sucker for all things mint. I love mint and mint frozen desserts like the Marie Callender's Seasonal Peppermint Pie (reviewed here!) convinced me that peppermint frozen desserts can be done right. So, when Edy’s ice cream released a slow churned limited edition peppermint ice cream flavor, I was right there to enjoy it!

And I did!

Edy’s’s Peppermint Ice Cream is an incredibly simple ice cream with broken up candy cane additives. It is flavorful and distinct in its Peppermint flavor.


Edy’s ice cream comes in a one and a half quart cylindrical container. The Peppermint Ice Cream is a smooth, mostly creamy ice cream, despite the added candy cane chunks. At (locally) $5.99 a half gallon, the Edy’s ice cream is an affordable, mid-range ice cream. This is a Limited Edition ice cream, available from Edy’s only in the late autumn and winter.

Ease Of Preparation

Edy’s Peppermint Ice Cream is a very basic ice cream. As an ice cream, preparation is ridiculously simple: one need only open the top of the container, scoop out a half cup and consume! There is no trick to preparing or eating the Peppermint Ice Cream.

I was actually surprised by how unobtrusive the candy pieces were. They are small enough that this ice cream can even be used to make milkshakes!


The Peppermint Ice Cream smells like an explosion of traditional candy canes. Absolutely frozen or as it warms, this is an aromatic and inviting ice cream.

The Edy’s Peppermint ice cream is creamy and initially the peppermint flavor is carried by a cold sensation deeper than the physical temperature of the ice cream. The Peppermint flavor is distinct throughout the ice cream – I was surprised how it was not limited only to the places immediately adjacent to the tiny candy cane pieces. Instead, this is a perfectly peppermint ice cream that is actually delightful from first bite to last!


The Edy’s Peppermint Ice Cream is a very light, smooth, ice cream with no additives. The one and a half quart container represents twelve half-cup servings. In the half-cup serving, there are 100 calories, 20 of which are from fat. The two grams of fat represent 3% of the RDA of fat, with 8% of one’s RDA of saturated fat coming in the 1.5 grams of saturated fat in this ice cream. One serving has only 5 mg of cholesterol (that’s 2% of the RDA!) and 35 mg of Sodium (1% RDA). The only other real nutrient is two grams of protein, though there is also 6% of the RDA of Calcium and 4% of the RDA of Vitamin A in the Peppermint Ice Cream.

Edy’s has decent ingredients, too. Made primarily of Non-fat Milk, sugar, and corn syrup, Peppermint is a decent ice cream! There is nothing unpronounceable in the ingredients list (though “carrageenan” took me a take or two!).


Edy’s ice cream is both a frozen and a dairy product, so it is pretty obvious that it must be kept frozen in order to remain viable. Kept frozen it remains fresh for months (my half gallon had an expiration date of July 14, 2013).

The Peppermint ice cream is very light, opaque white with pink blobs of candy in it, and will certainly stain light clothing, at the very least. When the ice cream melts and gets onto fabrics, it will require one to wash it right out. On nonporous surfaces, the ice cream wipes off exceptionally easily.


Edy’s Peppermint ice cream is perfect and Edy’s should keep it around the whole year!

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