Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SmartyKat Partially Engages Gollum With Its Catnip Mist Catnip-Infused Spray

The Good: It doesn't stain, Enhances Gollum’s play experience, Easy to use!
The Bad: Messy, Does not work on many surfaces.
The Basics: SmartyKat Catnip Mist catnip-infused spray is a decent supplement for cat play, but not a superlative addition to a cat’s stimulation regimen.

My cat, Gollum, was never a catnip addict. In fact, when I still had Brillo to hang out with Gollum, Brillo used to push little Gollum out of the way whenever he had catnip spray put on his toys (or anything else!). On the infrequent times when Gollum was actually near the catnip items Brillo loved, he illustrated no interest in anything catnip related. However, my wife has spent the last year trying to spoil Gollum in an attempt to bond with the cat who has never quite warmed up to her. For the winter holiday, she picked Gollum up some SmartyKat Catnip Mist catnip-infused spray. This was only the second SmartyKat product I have reviewed, but it was a nice compliment to the SkitterCritters Catnip Mice (reviewed here!).

SmartyKat Catnip Mist catnip-infused spray is contained in a white bottle with a spray top. The back has very simple directions for how to use it: shake well and apply to anything that you want your cat to play with. I was not able to find anything that the Catnip Mist would stain, so that was a plus. After shaking it up, the Catnip Mist is ridiculously easy to apply to anything: simply spray on the surface one wishes the cat to play with. This causes small droplets of the slightly yellow fluid to spray out of the bottle.

Our cat Gollum began playing with the mice toys we sprayed whenever we sprayed them with the SmartyKat Catnip Mist catnip-infused spray. While the SmartyKat Catnip Mist catnip-infused spray got Gollum to play with his fabric-based toys when he was otherwise done with playing. However, it could not entice him to play with some of his toys that he has been less enthusiastic for. The SmartyKat Catnip Mist catnip-infused spray was quite good at maintaining or reinvigorating interest in toys, as opposed to actually enticing Gollum.

15% of all cats do not have the necessary gene that makes them respond to catnip. The Catnip Mist is supposed to entice all cats who do respond to catnip and it was effective on Gollum, who had otherwise shown no particular interest in catnip or catnip-infused products. This is a good occasional stimulant, though not a particularly consistent reinforcement tool; it does not hold Gollum in such thrall that he cannot resist its lure whenever it is sprayed or whatever it is sprayed upon.

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