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A Very Basic Conditioner, Suave Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom Conditioner Underwhelms.

The Good: Inexpensive, Intriguing scent, Conditions hair fine.
The Bad: Protects more than revitalizes hair, Packaging, Scent does not truly endure.
The Basics: "Wild Cherry Blossom" is a completely average conditioner, nothing more.

When it comes to conditioners, there is very little I actually ask of the product; I want a conditioner that moisturizes my hair without leaving a waxy build-up and making my hair feel heavy. If the scent is a selling point, I want it to extend the life of the scent and actually trigger my scent memory of the enjoyable aroma. Having reviewed Suave's "Wild Cherry Blossom" shampoo (here!), it left me unsurprised that the accompanying conditioner was underwhelming on the scent front. While the wild cherry blossom conditioner smells good in the bottle, it is nothing special on the hair.

Suave has been expanding its line of inexpensive shampoos and conditioners. In virtually every market in the United States, Suave - like VO5 - shampoos and conditioners may be found on sale for $2.50 for a 22.5 fl. oz. bottle (or 30 fl. oz. bottle with the bonus bottle). Wild Cherry Blossom conditioner seems to be a fairly standard scented shampoo for all hairs that does not seem to rely on gimmicks and is ideal for a staple shampoo. The 30 fl. oz. bottle is a cylindrical tube bottle with a flip-top lid that is easy enough to open with one hand, sort of. The bottle is not contoured and does get slippery when wet. Indeed, the shape of the bottle might not necessarily be problematic save that when it is wet, there is very little friction on the bottle and it slips from one's hand quite easily.

Even more problematic is the lid. The lid is a standard flip-top lid and so long as the bottle is not wet, there ought to be no problem with using one's thumb to flip the top. The issue, however, is that the top of the bottle is a pressure ring, not a screw on top. What this means is that when one applies pressure to the top to open the spout, the user is almost just as likely to flip the entire top off. This is annoying and my first experience with this problematic aspect involved carrying the bottles; the top came off of one though sheer force of gravity and perhaps the best advice I might give is to hold the bottles by the bottom.

Inside the bottles is Wild Cherry Blossom conditioner and it is a light pink opaque cream, which resembles hand cream in its consistency. This conditioner is one of the thinner ones I have encountered and I have managed to make it stretch a little further than usual, as it works into the hair very easily. The scent is an intriguing floral scent in the bottle. On the hair, even in conjunction with the corresponding shampoo, this is not a very strong scent in reality. In fact, this scent dissipates ridiculously quickly when it is removed from the bottle.

When it comes to use, this is a simple conditioner and one need only flip the lid and dispense a small amount into the palm of the hand before applying it to the hair. The Wild Cherry Blossom conditioner requires a decent-sized dollop to condition a full head of hair. After one has cleaned their hair with a shampoo and rinsed it out, this may be applied to the hair. I have better than shoulder length hair and it takes approximately a heaping half-dollar-sized blob of conditioner to make it stretch through my mane. Like most conditioners, this does not lather and instead it is applied to the hair and scalp almost like a butter.

In the case of the Wild Cherry Blossom, as I've noticed often with conditioners lately, there is about a two-to-one ratio to the shampoo because conditioners do not dilute out from lathering. As a result, the 30 oz. bottle may last only three weeks with daily hair conditionings.

As a conditioner, it works well for the basic concept of a conditioner. Hair is protected, even in harsh environments. Hair that is conditioned daily using this conditioner is less brittle and less susceptible to split ends. What the conditioner does not do is add more bounce or body to hair. This is a fairly standard protecting conditioner, as opposed to a high style conditioner. So long as one knows that going in, it's a fine product.

I tend to like shampoos and conditioners that leave my hair smelling delightful, like whatever scent they have lured me in with. Unfortunately, the Wild Cherry Blossom Shampoo barely smelled like anything once it was out of the bottle. As a result, on the hair, this conditioner quickly stops smelling like anything special or forceful as it does in the bottle.

This is a remarkably average conditioner.

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