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Missing Nothing, Tooth Fairy 2 Lives Down To The Worst One Expects Of Straight-To-DVD Fare.

The Good: None that I could find.
The Bad: Predictable plot and character arcs, Nothing at all extraordinary on the acting front, Utterly unoriginal, Not at all funny.
The Basics: In a dumb blue collar remake of The Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy 2 has a obvious, predictable arc that is neither funny or particularly interesting for family viewing.

Of all the unlikely movies to get a sequel, Tooth Fairy (reviewed here!) had to be pretty high on the list. It is utterly surprising, then, that Tooth Fairy 2 was released with little fanfare as a direct-to-DVD film. It is equally unsurprising that stars of the first film, like Stephen Merchant, Julie Andrews, and (especially) Dwayne Johnson, refused to come back for the sequel.

Tooth Fairy 2 has a decidedly blue-collar twist to the premise of Tooth Fairy. Like Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector (reviewed here!), Tooth Fairy 2 does little more than present Larry The Cable Guy in a situation where he is essentially the same schmo he plays in his stand-up routine (as part of, among other things, the Blue Collar comedy tour). The blue collar remake of Tooth Fairy is even less inspired than the original and, as it is lacking in the star power of the first, it fails to rise to be even remotely entertaining.

When Larry Guthrie is supposed to take his girlfriend, Brooke, to her niece’s birthday party, he stops to win a Camero at the local bowling alley. In winning his dream car, Larry loses his dream girl. A year later, he learns that Brooke is going to marry Bo, the man who threw the Camero contest, he becomes determined to win Brooke back. To do that, he begins volunteering at the afterschool program to be close to her. Sentenced to collect ten teeth in the Metro County, Florida area, Larry is briefed on how to be a tooth fairy before setting out to both serve his ten day/teeth quota and win back the woman he thinks he loves.

Tooth Fairy 2 is plagued by terrible acting – Larry The Cable Guy is overwhelmed by the talents of the child actors, most of whom seem to be on their first job ever – and utterly predictable plot and character arcs. Only Erin Beute really rises above the herd as Brooke, though she is not given a lot of material to actually work with. She is, for example, unconvincing in acting beleaguered when her while staff is let go and she feels compelled to accept Larry’s offer of volunteering. She yells at Larry pretty well, though.

Too much of the time for the film is occupied with what seems like either community service for a crime Larry The Cable Guy committed that forced him to be in this movie, as he plays with children (like the otherwise pointless “snowball” fight scene) and working to win the affections of Brooke, as opposed to actually doing Tooth Fairy work. This is much less a fantasy film and much more a banal comedy that tries to trade on rumored humor of Larry The Cable Guy in a pink tutu or being manipulated by his case worker who turns his possessions pink and the actor mispronouncing common words in his redneck drawl.

Oh, what the hell, Tooth Fairy 2 is just a stupid sequel to a generally bad original film and it is not at all worth the time or attention of, well, anyone. Ever.

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