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Poor Dax With No Collectible Value! The Spencer Gifts Exclusive Dax In Dress Uniform Figure Is Still Pretty Cool!

The Good: Decent sculpt, Good accessories, Decent balance
The Bad: Poseability, Accessory coloring
The Basics: The Jadzia Dax In Dress Uniform figure is an exclusive from Spencer Gifts that was overproduced, making it virtually worthless, but is still pretty cool.

When it comes to Star Trek action figures, there are so many that were unfortunately overproduced that even some of the better ones are essentially worthless. The Jadzia Dax In Dress Uniform action figure that was an exclusive from Spencer Gifts is one of those type figures.

In fact, the Jadzia Dax In Dress Uniform is a surprisingly good figure. Unfortunately, the accessories for this figure bring it down a little – at least for their coloring – and Playmates vastly overproduced the figure, which caused its value to tank. However, looking at it now, years after its release and the demise of the figure as an investment, it is, objectively, a pretty cool figure.


The Commander Jadzia Dax In Dress Uniform was essentially an original Jadzia Dax figure’s head on a female StarFleet Dress Uniform body. Actually, if this body was recycled from any prior figure, it is an excellent job as I could not find a figure the body matched! As a result, this is Jadzia Dax in a teal dress uniform, as she was seen in “Rejoined” (reviewed here!).

The Spencers Exclusive was one of two figures released exclusively by Playmates through Spencer Gifts for the thirtieth anniversary of Star Trek. The figure, which stands 4 5/8” tall and has the Trill officer in her dress uniform, which is very tight across the chest! The uniform is well-colored and well-detailed for the character and the face is an amazing likeness of Terry Farrell. The figure includes such accurate and important details as the three rank pips on her collar indicating she is a Commander, the correct communicator badge for the uniform (with the square buckle-style backing) and the spots that indicate she is a Trill. The spots on this Dax are decently dark.

This is a decent likeness of Lieutenant Dax and there is no mistaking Dax for anyone else in the Star Trek universe. Given how Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is largely neglected in the merchandising department, it is refreshing to see Dax featured as an exclusive figure. The figure even has rouge in the cheeks and features brightly colored lips.


Lieutenant Dax comes with five accessories: a communicator-shaped stand, a phaser, bottle of Risian perfume, and the zhantara ritual’s statue and jug. The stand is a typical Playmates Toys plastic communicator with a single peg that the figure’s foot attaches to and allows it to stand perfectly balanced.

The Risian perfume bottle is a 1” tall monolithic red container that does not fit in either of Dax’s hands.

The phaser is a 2 1/2" long Phaser Type II that includes the phaser beam. It is also cast in monotonal red plastic.

The equipment for the zhantara ritual, from “Facets” (reviewed here!), is a 1 3/16” long bottle by 3/4" that fits in her right hand. The altar piece for the zhantara ritual is a 2 1/4” (on each side) triangular stand with a “fire” inside and it looks very much like the one that was in the episode. However, all of the accessories are cast in a single color without any coloring detailing, so things like the jug look pretty ridiculous in Dax’s hands because of how it contrasts with the coloring quality of the action figure.


Dax In Dress Uniform is fairly well articulated. Unfortunately, the poseability suffers some because there is no articulation at the groin socket. This makes the knee articulation fairly pointless because the figure cannot sit down, nor stand any way but flatfooted.

Lieutenant Dax is blessed with nine points of articulation, though: knees, elbows, biceps, shoulders, and neck. Dax is designed to be an action figure, all of her articulation allows her to be quite poseable, but only in a flatfooted pose. Fortunately, she can stand perfectly balanced even off her stand.


Playmates mass produced the two Spencer Exclusive figures, including Lieutenant Dax. Neither of them appear to be more or less common than the other. To encourage collectors, every figure in this line has an individual number stamped on bottom of the toy's foot. It is hard to consider something with at least 3,000 pieces a limited edition (my Dax's # is 002953), but Playmates made fans believe by putting the number stamps on each figure.

The problem from a collector's point of view is simple: they were initially overproduced and overpriced to such an extent that most sold at clearance prices long after most fans stopped caring and stopped collecting. As a result, this is actually one of the least valuable Dax figures on the market.


Despite the lack of collectible value and the accessory coloring, the Commander Jadzia Dax In Dress Uniform is still worthwhile for fans of Dax, Terry Farrell and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!

This figure utilizes an image and style of Commander Jadzia Dax In Dress Uniform as seen throughout Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reviewed here!

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