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One Of Gollum’s Consistent Favorites, Hartz Crunch ‘N Clean Fish & Farm Cat Treats Continue To Delight!

The Good: Gollum loves them, Helps maintain my cat’s oral health!
The Bad: Could use more in the bag for the price!
The Basics: Hartz Crunch ‘N Clean Fish & Farm treats are good teeth for maintaining feline oral health, though they are by no means the least expensive!

I enjoy, as a reviewer, being able to take the time to differentiate between paying for a name brand, i.e. buying the label, and a brand that actually delivers on the quality it promises. Hartz is a brand that offers cat food, toys, and treats for a mid-range price, relative to its competitors. Whereas with most cat treats that tout all-natural ingredients seem vastly overpriced to me and the cheapest treats tend not to have all of the benefits I want for my cat, Gollum, Hartz delivers on its promises and provides great benefits at a reasonable price. So, with the Hartz Crunch ‘N Clean Fish & Farm cat treats, I manage to get a treat Gollum legitimately enjoys and I am happy to provide him with given their incredible dental benefits. The only real drawback I have found for them is that they are a little more expensive for the quantity delivered; Gollum and I always find ourselves wishing there were more in a pouch!


Hartz Crunch ‘N Clean Fish & Farm cat treats are crunchy little treats that come in three flavors. The salmon flavored treats are 9/16” long, 3/8" wide and 3/16” thick and are shaped like little fish, with a red belly. The turkey flavored treats in the bag are heart-shaped, 7/16” wide, 1/2” tall and 3/16” thick with a green center. The chicken treats also have a green center and look vaguely chicken (or paw) shaped and are 1/2” wide and tall and 3/16” thick. Opening the green Hartz bag, which is resealable, the aroma that is released is more like grain and fish. It does not have an unpleasant or very strong scent at all.

Ease Of Preparation

The Hartz Fish & Farm Crunch ‘N Clean treats are a treat, so preparation is as easy as opening the resealable bag and removing a few of treats. I, occasionally, mix a few of the treats in with Gollum’s food, but otherwise, he gets five to ten of these whenever I feed him them!

Gollum’s Reaction

Gollum eagerly hunts for the Hartz Crunch ‘N Clean Fish & Farm treats whenever I open the bag. He illustrates no preference between the salmon, chicken or turkey flavors, but he does exhibit a strong preference for these treats versus most other treats I have fed him. Ironically, there are a few bargain brands he will go for before the Hartz Fish & Farm Crunch ‘N Clean treats, but compared to any of the mid-range or expensive treats, Gollum loves his Hartz snacks!.


The package recommends two 5 treat servings a day and Gollum gets about that. As a result, I usually go through about one 3 oz. bag in about two weeks, so for the price, it is understandable why we are always looking for more! The pouches I bought most recently do not expire until the end of November of this year, so this is a decent treat to stock up on.

Moreover, the Hartz Crunch ‘N Clean Fish & Farm treats are very healthy. With a minimum of 25% crude protein and 8% crude fat, but no more than 4% crude fiber and 10% moisture, these treats have a lot of nutritional benefits for Gollum. It turns out, he apparently finds healthy delicious when the product is made primarily of corn flour, chicken meal, and wheat flour! Given that these treats are loaded with Zinc, Vitamins A and E, and Taurine, Gollum is getting a lot of nutrients while keeping his teeth clean.

In fact, the teeth cleaning benefits of the Hartz Crunch ‘N Clean Fish & Farm are a key selling point that Hartz lives up to on this product. Gollum, who is over ten years old now, has immaculately clean teeth, in part because of treats like the Hartz Crunch ‘N Clean Fish & Farm. The Hartz treats have Hartz’s DentaShield and are a harder treat, which necessitates Gollum’s chewing to break them apart. That helps clean the teeth and provide a barrier to new plaque formation. And it does appear to work; Gollum has not had any new plaque or tartar build-up since he started eating these treats, three months ago!


The Hartz Crunch ‘N Clean Fish & Farm cat treats are one of Gollum’s favorites and for maintaining oral health for your cat, it is hard to imagine a better treat . . . unless there were more!

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