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Gollum Adores Rival Tuna Flavored Tartar Control Treats And My Wallet Loves Them, Too!

The Good: Gollum loves it, Inexpensive, Helps maintain my cat’s oral health!
The Bad: Honestly, none that I can find!
The Basics: Rival Tuna Flavored Tartar Control treats are the best, least expensive, tartar control treats that Gollum consistently chooses.

Gollum might not be a particularly picky cat, but he is discriminating. If there is something he does not like, he lets me know. On the flip side, the things he truly loves he comes running for. After trying the Rival Chicken Tartar Control treats (reviewed here!), I was surprised to discover there was a flavor he loved even more. Those were the Rival Tuna Flavored Tartar Control Treats For Cats. I was thrilled because Gollum absolutely loves them, they have tartar control benefits and they are exceptionally affordable.


Rival Tuna Flavored Tartar Control cat treats are crunchy little treats that are about 5/8” long, 7/16" wide and 3/16” tall and are shaped like little fish. Opening the white Rival bag, which is resealable, the aroma that is released is more like grain and fish. It does not have an unpleasant scent at all.

Ease Of Preparation

The Rival Tuna Tartar Control treats are a treat, so preparation is as easy as opening the resealable bag and removing a few of treats. I, occasionally, mix a few of the treats in with Gollum’s food, but otherwise, he gets five to ten of these whenever I feed him them!

Gollum’s Reaction

Rival Tuna Flavored Tartar Control treats are the cat treats that Gollum is unbelievably thrilled by. Whenever I shake the bag and open it, he comes running. I cannot recall a time Gollum mowed down treats with such eagerness as he does the Rival Tuna Tartar Control treats.


The package does not provide a serving recommendation, but I have found Gollum – now about ten pounds - enjoys 5 - 10 treats in a serving per day. I usually go through about one 4.5 oz. bag in three weeks, so for the price, this treat cannot be beat. The pouches I bought most recently do not expire until the middle of September of this year, so this is a decent treat to stock up on.

Moreover, the Rival Tuna Flavored Tartar Control treats are very healthy. With a minimum of 30% crude protein and 8% crude fat, but no more than 4% crude fiber and 12% moisture, these treats have a lot of nutritional benefits for Gollum. It turns out, he apparently finds healthy delicious when the product is made primarily of chicken byproduct meal, ground wheat and wheat flour! Given that these treats are loaded with Calcium, Phosphorous, Linoleic Acic, and Taurine, Gollum is getting a lot of nutrients while keeping his teeth clean.


The Rival Tuna Flavored Tartar Control cat treats are easily his favorite treat and they are likely to be a favorite of your cat as well!

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