Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finally! A Cat Toy Gollum Loves! SmartyKat SkitterCritters Catnip Mice!

The Good: It actually gets Gollum to play! Environmentally responsible, Inexpensive!
The Bad: None that I can find
The Basics: The three-pack of SkitterCritters Catnip Mice Cat Toys became Gollum’s favorite holiday gift and has kept him playful and engaged since!

As time has gone by and Gollum has run through the stock of Mews Ments Shimmer Krinkle Mice (reviewed here!) that I stocked up on for him years ago, I have been dreading the idea that he might run out and go through the rest of his life without his Mousey. Even so, I – and my wife even more than me – try so hard to find him cat toys he will actually play with. For the holidays, my wife struck gold when she picked the cat up the SmartyKat SkitterCritters Catnip Mice Cat Toy (which is actually three of the toys!).

Gollum is thrilled by the SkitterCritters Catnip Mice and this represents the first time since I got him that he has positively responded to anything that had catnip in it.

The SkitterCritters Catnip Mice comes in a three pack for $1.50 and has three mice, all of which are white and have what seems to be a hemp tail. This is a little fiber-filled mouse-shaped toy covered in a fleece-like coating. This toy makes no sounds, but is loaded with catnip, so it stimulates cats immediately from their sense of smell. The mouse is two inches long with a string tail that extends an additional two inches. The toy has two felt eyes glued on (they usually last two to three days with active playing) and tiny stiffer ears.

This would seem to be a simple enough toy; one removes them from the cardboard card, throws them one at a time and one's cat leaps after them. Gollum brings them back to me and leaps upon his mice on his own. In fact, I have found Gollum playing with these far more often on his own than he ever used to with Mousey and that makes it a great value. Plus, no matter how hard he plays with these mice, not one of them has yet been eviscerated, making them exceptionally durable.

For an inexpensive cat toy our cat actually plays with, it is hard to get a better one than the SmartyKat SkitterCritters catnip mice!

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