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Not For The Feint Of Nose Or Budget, EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food Delights Gollum!

The Good: Very nutritious, Gollum enjoys it, Made with good ingredients.
The Bad: Does nothing for urinary tract health, Exceptionally expensive
The Basics: Gollum reminds me that one gets what they pay for when he endorses the expensive EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food!

When Gollum clearly rejected the Evolve Maintenance Formula cat food (reviewed here!), I needed to do something to get him to eat again. So, I got him a bag of EVO Herring & Salmon Formula cat food, because of how he looked at a fish-based EVO dog food I fed Myah. Fortunately, Gollum was as eager (if not, more!) for the Herring & Salmon cat food as he was for Myah’s dog food from EVO!


EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food is a cat food formulated for adult cats. The EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food catfood regularly comes in a fifteen pound reinforced paper bag that is priced in stores around $50. As a cheapskate and poor person, it is exceptionally hard for me to justify spending five times as much on a cat food as the discount brand Gollum regularly loves.

The EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food comes with two different pieces, both of which are mealy-looking brown discs. One type disc is about 3/8” in diameter and 3/16” thick, the others are 5/16” in diameter and barely over 1/16” thick.

Ease Of Preparation

EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food is a hard catfood that comes in a large bag, so preparation only involves opening the bag and measuring out the proper serving size for your cat, as determined by its weight. For Gollum, that means a 1 - 1 1/2 cup serving and that lasts about two months at that rate of consumption. To be honest, however much I put in Gollum’s bowl, he would eat it, he loves this food so much!

Gollum’s Reaction

This cat food smells exceptionally fishy. In fact, this is a disturbingly aromatic cat food. If Gollum did not eat up the EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food as quickly as he did, this would actually stink up his feeding area.

Every time I open the bag of EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food catfood, Gollum comes running and when I placed a few pieces near his nose as he slept, he woke up within seconds and began eating the food. Gollum never left any of the Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food in his bowl; he eats this food up entirely. This was a food he continually came running for.


The Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food is a rather nutritious cat food. The guaranteed analysis of it indicates that it has a minimum of 50% crude protein and 18% crude fat. With no more than 3% crude fiber and 10% moisture, this is a food that is very balanced. Always have adequate water near your cat’s feeding area!

As well, those who are concerned about what goes into their pets will be pleased by how this is a mostly natural cat food this is, with only the bottom half of the ingredients added vitamins and minerals. The main ingredients, however, are herring, salmon meal, and herring meal. While only the end of ingredient list is a chemistry equation I can barely read, the primary ingredients are recognizable. EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food is exceptionally nutritious for cats. It does is hard enough to have the basic dental benefits of physically scraping plaque and tartar off cat’s teeth. There are not, however, any urinary tract benefits built into the formula.


EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Food is a wonderful food that Gollum wants me to spend every last cent I get in on. Sadly, I cannot afford to!

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