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More Articulation And A Cool Play Function Make The Remote Control Imperial AT-AT Action Fleet Toy Worth Buying!

The Good: Good sculpt, Great balance, Good detailing, Cool remote control feature, Good ankle articulation!
The Bad: No knee articulation, Basic coloring
The Basics: The MicroMachines Action Fleet Remote Control Imperial AT-AT is a real improvement on the basic Action Fleet Imperial AT-AT.

When I reviewed the Action Fleet Imperial AT-AT (here!), I knew – because I am lucky enough to have one – that the Remote Control Imperial AT-AT was going to rate higher. With improved articulation and a pretty cool motorized walking function, the limited edition (it was originally sold at Kay Bee Toys) Remote Control Imperial AT-AT was a better toy. Moveover, with its bigger base, the Remote Control Imperial AT-AT is a better display piece, too.

Fans of the Star Wars Trilogy will easily recall the opening sequence to The Empire Strikes Back (click here for my film review!) where the Rebels were discovered by the Empire on Hoth, a frozen wasteland. The Empire launched a ground assault using massive, four-legged vehicles called AT-ATs, which forced the Rebels into retreat. The AT-ATs were slowed down by Snowspeeders, small, fast flying vehicles that attempted to trip the machines and destroy them after they fell.

The MicroMachines Action Fleet AT-AT is the fearsome Imperial Walker with a decent-sized white base that it can walk off of. With its decorative remote control, the wired Remote Control Imperial AT-AT is remarkably cool and deserves a prominent place in anyone’s AT-AT or Star Wars vehicle collection!


The MicroMachines Action Fleet Remote Control Imperial AT-AT was released by Galoob and it is a basic toy. Cast only in plastic, the AT-AT is 4 7/8“ tall, 5 5/8“ long and 2“ wide.

The MicroMachines Action Fleet AT-AT looks good. It is cast detailed with such fine work as the gun flaps on the side guns jutting out and the tiny laser cannons on the front of the vehicle's "head" looking menacing and accurate. The paint job is very basic with the gray body of the AT-AT that does not have any wear or weathering marks. The color scheme for the AT-AT is pretty monochromatic and Galoob kept it very basic.

Connected to the Remote Control Imperial AT-AT by a 40” black cord is the simple remote control. The remote control is a 3 1/2" tall box with simple red buttons for the forward and back controls.


The MicroMachines Action Fleet Remote Control Imperial AT-AT comes with two mini-figures and a base accessory. The Remote Control Imperial AT-AT comes with an Imperial Driver and a Snowtrooper. The AT-AT Driver is detailed and colored with black, gray and red highlights to look like what it is supposed to. The Snowtrooper is molded with a gun in its right hand. Both figures are articulated at the waist (to allow sitting) and at the arms for movement that moves both arms and both legs in unison. The legs are molded to a base each that allows them to fit into the base. The AT-AT Driver fits in the cockpit head. And the main body can house both mini-figures or they plug into the base.

The base is a white plastic, textured piece that fits all four feet. Intended for display, the base holds both mini-figures, the remote control that has a Rebel Snowspeeder in the AT-AT’s sights and has the silver Star Wars Action Fleet logo on the front. The AT-AT fits perfectly into the base.


The MicroMachines Action Fleet has pretty limited playability, though it is designed to look excellent in many different poses. The “head” of the vehicle has about 10 degrees of movement, left and right. The legs move at the top joint, but do not bend, though the Remote Control Imperial AT-AT features ankle articulation that is realistic for the AT-AT. The AT-AT is virtually untippable.

The gun ports on the cockpit head rotate as well.

Both figures are able to fit into the cockpit or the main body of the AT-AT, because the side of the AT-AT has a flip-down door that gives access to the center portion of the AT-AT.

Using the remote control function, the Remote Control Imperial AT-AT lurches forward or backward and that is pretty cool.


The MicroMachines Action Fleet is part of a now-defunct line of die-cast vehicle toys that Galoob produced. The Remote Control Imperial AT-AT remains one of the most popular and sought after in the line, because they were exclusives to Kay Bee Toys. They have more than doubled in price, but this is likely the ceiling for the toy as it is not as sophisticated as many of the AT-AT toys on the market.

The Remote Control Imperial AT-AT toy’s price continues to rise. Finding it at a store may net a decent deal, but unless one finds it that way, it is not a great investment piece.


Fans of The Empire Strikes Back and AT-ATs will find this to be one of the essential Star Wars AT-AT and vehicle toys. For display and play this is one of the cooler small-scale vehicle toys on the market.

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