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Dr. McCoy And Generic McSmugly Comprise The Endor AT-ST Crew Exclusive Two-Pack!

The Good: Appropriate (and well-made) accessories, Generally good sculpt and coloring, Incredible articulation, Collectible value
The Bad: Despite the pictures, no holsters! No differentiation for the two officer types
The Basics: The Endor AT-ST Crew Vintage action figure set is a vast improvement on the original AT-ST driver figure and well worth picking up for those who get the new AT-ST!

As part of my incredible birthday celebration from my wife, she decided to go with a whole theme. She managed to find all three Kmart exclusive figure and vehicle packs in time for our special day and that was very cool. So, in addition to the exclusive AT-ST (reviewed here!), she presented me with the Endor AT-ST Crew and the Ewok Scouts two packs! First up for my review is the Endor AT-ST Crew two-pack which provides an AT-ST Driver and an AT-ST Gunner to pilot the AT-ST toy. These two figures both fit inside the AT-ST cockpit, which cannot be done with the bulked up Power Of The Force AT-ST Driver figures (reviewed here!).

Even so, it is hard not to feel a little insulted by Hasbro for the Endor AT-ST Crew. The AT-ST Driver and AT-ST Gunner are virtually identical figures, with only different heads to differentiate them. And, unlike the picture on the box, the figures do not actually have a harness for their sidearm on the figures! To be fair, it is doubtful the figures would actually be able to sit in the cockpit with such a holster on their belts, but it would be nice to have somewhere to put the guns when they are not in the figures’ hands!

The Endor AT-ST Crew appeared at the climax of Return Of The Jedi (reviewed here!), on the forest moon of Endor. As the Rebels and Ewoks attacked, two-legged “chicken walker” vehicles assaulted them. Those were AT-STs and the AT-ST Driver and Gunner were seen briefly in shots, usually before they got killed.

The 4" Endor AT-ST Crew figure two-pack is a vast improvement on the original and Hasbro did the very best they could with the two figures in the pack.


The Endor AT-ST Crew is a two-pack that includes two virtually identical figures that are essentially faceless Imperial troopers working for the Galactic Empire. Both figures in the Endor AT-ST Crew, the AT-ST Driver and the AT-ST Gunner, stand 3 7/8" tall. This Endor AT-ST Crew are identical except for their heads, one of which looks like Dr. McCoy from Star Trek, the other looks like a generic, grumpy Englishman. Both are cast wearing their gray uniform and have a harness that mimics a seatbelt. The figure is made entirely of hard plastic, save the belting, and is one of the least-detailed Star Wars figures in the Vintage line.

This toy is a decent sculpt, especially for a figure that is supposed to be a generic pilot of a vehicle. Cast with realistic proportions, they fit perfectly inside the cockpit of the AT-ST. Because they are such basic figures – the uniform is monotonal gray with only insignias on the left arm, Hasbro easily got the sculpt right. This is a very simply dressed Imperial officer. As far as molding details go, that Hasbro included seams on the character’s uniform and pockets molded onto the pants deserves some credit.

The Endor AT-ST Crew is very basically colored. This is a figure without any coloring for badges and the entire figure is monochromatic with the gray uniform, black boots and gloves and peach flesh tones for the face. The most detailed this figure gets on the coloring details are the silver highlights on the belt buckle and the impressive brown eyes with tiny black dots. Still, the lips have no shading or coloring, making this a very basic figure on the coloring front, which encourages one to put the helmets on the figures!


Both members of the Endor AT-ST Crew come with two accessories. The first is the very basic Imperial Blaster, which is a 1” pistol that comes with any number of Imperial action figures. This is detailed to be in perfect proportion to the new figure line and as a result, they are thinner and smaller than the original Power Of The Force figures.

The Endor AT-ST Crew figures also come with helmets. The helmets feature exceptionally detailed (in sculpt and coloring) chin bands and visors.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and the Endor AT-ST Crew is pretty exceptional in that regard. The figures are incredibly articulated and well-balanced. The fact that both figures may fit inside the new AT-ST makes them a decent value for arming up one’s AT-ST. The Endor AT-ST Crew figures have great balance, arguably because the amazing articulation provides so many posing options that it is easy to find the figure’s equilibrium. Like virtually every other Star Wars figure, they have the standard holes in the feet that allow this figure to be posed in more outlandish poses on the playsets and toys that have the matching foot pegs!

The Vintage Collection Endor AT-ST Crew figures are high on articulation. Each figure has fourteen points of articulation, most of which are ball and socket joints. These figures are articulated at the ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, groin socket, neck and lower bust. This provides the consumer with incredible options for play and display of these simple-uniformed officers!


The Endor AT-ST Crew is part of the Vintage Colleciton four-inch series, but was exclusive to the two-pack and released only at Kmart. Locally, three of the four Kmarts are sold out so this seems to be a pretty impressive draw (unless people buying them are hoarders). I suspect that if any are left when the AT-STs are clearance, if these are discounted as well, they would make for a strong “buy!”


The Endor AT-ST Crew is a surprisingly wonderful figure pair worth picking up for anyone who has the new Scout Walker AT-ST toy!

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