Saturday, October 20, 2012

Almost Justifying Their Expense, Brawny Industrial Medium Duty Wipers Are Overpriced Napkins!

The Good: Exceptionally durable, Good absorbency
The Bad: Comparatively expensive
The Basics: Brawny Industrial Medium Duty Wipers might be right for a restaurant setting, but they are drastically overpriced for home use.

When you’re out at a restaurant, there is nothing like having an adequate napkin. I don’t know about you, but it always seems to me that when I am out eating, I suddenly lose a whole practical range of coordination and I end up spilling my water about once every ten times I am out. It is on occasions like that when I am thrilled to be at a restaurant that has something like Brawny Industrial Medium Duty Wipers. But, when my wife brought me home a pack of 60 Brawny Industrial Medium Duty Wipers for our home use, I blanched at the price tag. About three times the cost of regular napkins, Brawny Industrial Medium Duty Wipers represent a level of cleaning overkill for the home that makes it exceptionally hard for me to recommend them.

That said, for large families, families with messy children and/or the family/individual who wants to be able to combine their napkin and paper towel budget! Each Brawny Industrial Medium Duty Wipers is 6 1/4" by 6 ½” folded, unfolding to a double-ply (with some sort of fibrous core) sheet that is 12 1/4" square.

The Brawny Industrial Medium Duty Wipers are a little rougher than the average napkin, so they are not as nice to use for things like dabbing the corners of your mouth with while having soup. However, like a good paper towel, they can absorb an exceptional amount of water and remain strong enough to be an effective cleaning tool. In its dry form, Brawny Industrial Medium Duty Wipers are effective scrubbing agents for things like getting dried coffee and/or creamer off other surfaces. Wet, the Brawny Industrial Medium Duty Wipers absorb enough fluid to effectively dry a single glass’s spill or dust about a room’s worth of contents (provided one does not need a softer cloth for the items in it.

The only time the Brawny Industrial Medium Duty Wipers came apart for me was when it was completely drenched and I then attempted to clean with it (dragging it across a rough surface). But because they were so durable, I felt very wasteful throwing them away after a single table use. These are not the most environmentally considerate napkins for those who use for daily use.

But, for those buying for restaurants or who do have very active living environments where the process of disposing of a napkin might be an excuse to keep the area clean, it is hard to go wrong with Brawny Industrial Medium Duty Wipers!

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