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As Strong An Execution As The Original, The Scout Walker AT-ST Kmart Exclusive Toy Is Worth Hunting!

The Good: Less expensive/takes up less space than the AT-AT, Good detailing, Fun, Collectible value
The Bad: Poor assembly instructions, Severe balance/joint issues.
The Basics: The new Kmart Exclusive Scout Walker AT-ST helps fans realistically recreate the Battle Of Endor with all its strengths and weaknesses!

My wife has a tendency to get me some exceptionally cool, usually bigger, toys for the important events in our lives. A few years back, her big gift to me on our anniversary was the new, giant, AT-AT toy (reviewed here!). I have an AT-AT collection and that was an amazing gift for me (made even better because I knew she got it on clearance!). I have showed, historically, very little interest in the AT-ST Scout Walkers from The Empire Strikes Back and, more significantly, Return Of The Jedi, but with the local Kmarts loading up on the exclusive Scout Walker AT-ST Vintage Collection toy, I actually got excited about it. For our three and a half year anniversary, my amazing wife picked me up the new Scout Walker AT-ST. It’s a pretty cool toy, but it has some of the same weaknesses as the AT-STs seen in the films; they are fairly unbalanced and the toy has loose joints, making it hard to keep up.

The Scout Walker AT-ST is seen exceptionally briefly in The Empire Strikes Back (reviewed here!) and quite a bit in Return Of The Jedi (reviewed here!). The Empire uses the two-legged chicken walkers in the assault on Hoth and then to take Endor. The attack vehicles are smaller powered and easy to trip up, which made them easier to destroy by the Rebels.

As a Kmart exclusive, the Scout Walker AT-ST is a decent enhancement to any Star Wars fan’s toy collection.


The All Terrain Scout Transport - AT-ST - is a two-legged, armored attack pod that was a mechanized weapon that held the line against the Rebel and Ewok forces for a time on Endor.

Hasbro's Vintage Collection Scout Walker AT-ST is essentially a command pod that is 6" high by 4 3/8" wide by 6" front to back. That chunky pod which houses two figures (not included) is attached to two legs which can raise the pod ten inches off the ground! These legs are fully articulated at five separate joints which allow the AT-ST to transition from a crouching position to a full standing and walking position/stance.

The Scout Walker AT-ST is more than just legs. The cockpit area has cannons on either side as well as “chin” guns that are molded for authenticity to the original sculpt. While the side cannons rotate a full 360 degrees, the chin gun realistically features about 120 degrees (up and down) of rotational ability and a 60 degree left to right range of fire! That lower cannon can be swapped with a functional cannon (see “Playability”) for enhance play options.

The cockpit of the Scout Walker AT-ST features four flaps or doors; the two forward window flaps that become the chicken walker’s “eyes,” the overhead peephole porthole and the top door that allows full access into the cockpit. The cockpit has two seats for the AT-ST Drivers (not included) and is spacious enough to include both appropriate drivers. The cockpit rotates on the head platform a full 360 degrees.

The Scout Walker AT-ST is cast entirely in gray plastic and it is detailed with battle lines and exhaust stains. The feet are actually colored a rust color to make it seem like this vehicle has been in active service and used! While there are (blissfully) no decals to put on to detail the AT-ST, there is some assembly required and it is, unfortunately, problematic. The Scout Walker AT-ST must have its legs attached, but there are bars that attach to the legs and then the cockpit base that are not shown in the directions that come with the toy! Instead, one must reason how to assemble part of the Scout Walker AT-ST by the photographs on the box. Fortunately, there is just enough to them to make that possible!

The Pod is an unfortunately wobbly vehicle. It will be no surprise to fans how easily even the Ewoks could thwart this vehicle as the slightest breeze pretty much tips it over! This toy works best when it is in its “crouching” form with the command pod only about three inches above the ground!


The Scout Walker AT-ST does not come with any action figures or accessories, though there are the missiles for the lower cannon. The missiles are 2 7/8" long and they slide into the cannons under the chin. They click in place and there is a small button on the underside of the turret just below the chin gun. Pressing that button launches both missiles. The missile fires a little over three feet in the air away from the Scout Walker AT-ST and it may slide more than six inches more. The alternate cannon works very well and launches the missiles very well.


The Scout Walker AT-ST is pretty cool, but has mixed playability. The Scout Walker AT-ST features swappable chin guns. The chin gun that has fidelity to the original sculpt is great for accuracy and realism. The other guns are cannons that make it possible to launch the missiles. They easily pop out of the hole in the bottom of the cockpit section and it is very cool to have the different options.

The Scout Walker AT-ST is exceptionally articulated, but has very poor balance. The Scout Walker AT-ST's legs have five joints on the vehicle and most of them are problematically loose. As a result, the joints at the groin socket, “thigh,” knee, shin and ankle are unfortunately too loose to actually take full advantage of the articulation. The joints are too loose to hold the cockpit section up in more than a few choice positions. The casting of the Hasbro Scout Walker AT-ST captures the realism of the original model nicely, but the articulation is too loose to make it practically functional.


The Scout Walker AT-ST looks virtually identical to the AT-ST toy Hasbro released in 2007 for the 30th Anniversary. It is a dramatic step up from the Power Of The Force or original version of the AT-ST. As one of the final toys for the Vintage Collection and an exclusive from the Vintage Collection, there is every indication that – despite this being essentially the same as the other AT-ST toys – it will have collectible value due to its nature as a Kmart exclusive. The Kmart exclusive Scout Walker AT-ST is likely to be a decent investment piece and when they go on clearance, that will be the tell!


The Scout Walker AT-ST is a neat toy that realistically recreates the Imperial chicken walker and while it is a good supplemental toy, it has problems for those who use their toys for display. But for play, this is a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection!

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