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Gollum Likes, But Does Not Love, Fromm Four-Star Duck A La Veg Cat Food.

The Good: Gollum likes it, Very nutritious
The Bad: Super expensive, Does nothing for urinary tract health/dental benefits, Small and messy!
The Basics: Gollum enjoyed Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Duck A La Veg For Cats, but not enough to brave crossing the room when Myah is out for it.

One of my tests for how good a cat food is is how far Gollum, my little black cat, will go out of his way for it. When Gollum is very hungry, I will try a new food with him. More often than not, Gollum is in another room when he gets hungry and lets me know, he is in a far room. So, I’ll pour new food for him and he has to walk through a room that Myah is awake and active in. Gollum gets strangely terrified of Myah, even when they sometimes play with one another. But when Gollum is hungry, if he wants food, he’ll brave Myah. If the food is not all that extraordinary, Gollum will wait, even if he is hungry. He waited for the Duck A La Veg cat food.

As well, it is super expensive (comparatively) and the pieces are so small that Gollum always makes a mess with it. The pieces end up all over!


Duck A La Veg For Cats Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals is a cat food formulated for cats at all stages of life and Gollum gets a three ounce serving, given that he is a cat 10 – 14 lbs. The Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Duck A La Veg For Cats cat food regularly comes in a fifteen pound bag that is very expensive. As a cheapskate and poor person, I do not have the resources to continually spoil Gollum at such a level.

The Duck A La Veg For Cats Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals food comes with uniform, cylinder pieces which are approximately 1/4” long and a diameter of around 3/16”. The little brown cylinders are hard and look like what one might expect out of cat food. This cat food smells meaty. The smell is very organic, but it is generically meaty.

Ease Of Preparation

Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Duck A La Veg For Cats cat food is a hard cat food that comes in a large bag, so preparation only involves opening the bag and measuring out the proper serving size for your cat, as determined by its weight. A fiftteen pound bag would – by the numbers – last Gollum a month and a half.

Gollum’s Reaction

This cat food smells very strong and that originally attracted Gollum to it. However, compared to other foods, like Fromm’s Surf & Turf cat food (reviewed here!), Gollum was not so into it that he would brave crossing Myah for. The Duck A La Veg For Cats Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals cat food is meaty and just a little grainy in the aroma. Gollum is able to smell it two rooms away, but he doesn’t seem to care enough to actually go after it the moment it is poured. He’s never gone for it actively.

Gollum likes this cat food. He eagerly tries to eat it when he does start mowing down on it. He starts eating it, but about one in three pieces he tries to lick up falls right out of his mouth and he makes a mess with it.


This is a very nutritious cat food. The guaranteed analysis of it indicates that it has a minimum of 34% crude protein and 20% crude fat, it is a good food to put to rest my wife’s concerns that Gollum has gotten too thin. With no more than 3.5% crude fiber and 10% moisture, this is a food that Gollum frequently eats and then drinks a lot afterwards. Always have adequate water near your cat’s feeding area!

As well, those who are concerned about what goes into their pets will be pleased by how this is a very natural cat food. The main ingredients are duck, duck meal, and pearled barley. While the last half of the ingredient list is a chemistry equation I can barely read, the primary ingredients are all recognizable and several are even human friendly! My point is that Duck A La Veg For Cats Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals cat food is one of the healthier alternatives for cats and Gollum actually likes it. It does not, however, have any specific dental benefits, nor urinary tract protection built into the formula.


Duck A La Veg For Cats Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals is a good, but expensive, cat food that Gollum mildly endorses.

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