Monday, October 15, 2012

One Of The More Enduring Scents For A Body Lotion, Moonlight Magic Is Pretty Good!

The Good: Not an unpleasant scent, Good moisturizing quality
The Bad: Expensive, Not anti-bacterial
The Basics: Bath And Body Works Moonlight Magic Body Lotion moisturizes well and has a scent that endures just enough to recommend!

Our house has become a repository for all sorts of wonderful Bath & Body Works body lotions. Not long ago, we started using the Charmed Life Body Lotion (reviewed here!) and around the same time, we got in the Moonlight Magic Body Lotion. Pleasantly surprised when my wife picked it up on clearance, the Moonlight Magic Body Lotion moisturizes well and even though it does not have the most distinctive aroma, the pleasant smell endures on the skin and moisturizes very well. That lotion is all right, but it is way too expensive compared to other lotions.

Moonlight Magic is sold in an 8 fl. oz. container by Bath and Body Works as part of their Signature Collection line and it is a Body Lotion. Body Lotion is essentially hand cream and given that it was more than ten dollars for the 8 fl. oz. bottle (they had a 3 oz. that was $5.00!), I figured it had to be something incredible in the bottle to justify the price. It was not.

Moonlight Magic is an “adjective scent,” an aroma whose title tells you nothing about what to expect when you open the product. Moonlight Magic smells like blueberry candles and cotton candy. The scent is light and sugary and nice. Moonlight Magic is an opaque, pearlescent white cream that is thick.

As a Body Lotion, a tiny dollop, like the size of a chocolate chip of Moonlight Magic can moisturize one’s hands. It took a little bit more for the Moonlight Magic to restore my dry skin on my knees and elbows to a soft, supple, moisturized place, but within a week of using about a dime-sized dollop on each appendage a day and my skin there was soft. No body lotion is going to make my gnarly feet soft and pleasant to the touch, but on the non-calloused parts, the Moonlight Magic Body Lotion actually did work.

For those who are health conscious, the Moonlight Magic Body Lotion is primarily comprised of water, Glycerin, and Petrolatum. As one who is more accustomed to reviewing all natural teas, I'll say I know what water is and this product is not recommended for human consumption, so don't eat it! It does soften the skin some and the scent stays on the skin for about three hours even after working it into the skin.

At the regular price, Moonlight Magic Body Lotion is a bit more subtle in the aroma department than I would like, but it effectively moisturizes skin, making it worth using, if not stocking up on.

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