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Colgate Total Daily Repair Toothpaste Keeps My Teeth Healthy!

The Good: Decent flavor, Appears effective, Affordable
The Bad: The jury's out on the whitening power . . .
The Basics: Colgate Total Daily Repair seems to do all it promises, which makes it a good toothpaste for those of us who can't always get to the dentist within a year!

Like millions of Americans, I do not have health care and I have to find ways to make do with my body as it ages. Chief among the day to day ways I deal with my body's natural aging is focusing on my dental health. It's been a couple of years since I could afford to go to a dentist and, as a result, I work hard to maintain my teeth - which was something I was getting warnings about the last time I could go to the dentist. Right now, Colgate Total Daily Repair toothpaste is helping me maintain my teeth, at the very least, which helps out with my overall health.

We purchased the 5.8 oz. tube of Colgate Total Daily Repair two months ago and since then we have been using it twice daily. Colgate Total Daily Repair toothpaste is intended to prevent cavities, fight plaque, gingivitis, and tartar build-up, while strengthening enamel, freshening breath and whitening teeth. It appears to be doing all of those quite well, save the teeth whitening; my teeth have been pretty white for years and I've noticed no significant change with the Colgate Total Daily Repair toothpaste.

Colgate Total Daily Repair is an inexpensive, effective toothpaste with several oral health benefits. It comes in a classic tube design with a plastic top that unscrews from the tube. The 5.8 oz. tube is seven inches long by two inches wide and it tapers near the end with the nozzle. When the cap is unscrewed, there is a hard plastic nozzle which directs the product out of the tube and onto one's toothbrush. Toothpaste is easily dispensed from this type tube by flattening the plastic tube from the bottom toward the top and this also allows the user to get the most out of it.

To use Colgate Total Daily Repair, simply dispense a small amount onto the bristles of a toothbrush and bring the brush up to your mouth and spread the toothpaste over teeth using the brush. Then agitate the toothpaste into a foam to clean teeth entirely and expectorate the product (the process takes about a minute). Rinse mouth to remove any excess toothpaste and theoretically, the process should be complete and your teeth ought to feel wonderful.

The reason I continue to use Colgate Total Daily Repair is that it appears to work wonderfully. Since starting to use this toothpaste, I have developed no cavities and there has been no noticeable tartar or plaque build-up on my teeth. Add to that, I have neither developed gingivitis (I did not have it before), nor have my teeth gotten any less-white since starting to use it. I have noticed less tartar on my teeth, especially near my gumline, which is where I would occasionally find some build-up. I suspect that the combination of the Colgate Total Daily Repair toothpaste and an increase in flossing are responsible for that.

Colgate Total Daily Repair significantly freshens breath. The toothpaste tastes minty, like a somewhat muted peppermint flavor. It has an instant cooling effect to it that makes my whole mouth taste fresh and clean. The taste of mint is appropriately strong and the intensity of the toothpaste is refreshing. It instantly makes my teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks and throat feel cool and fresh. After brushing with Colgate Total Daily Repair, my mouth left me feeling quite a bit more confident about doing such basic things as kissing my wife.

Colgate Total Daily Repair works well and seems to live up to all of its promises, making it a great toothpaste for those of us who do not have a ton of dollars for dentists and use preventive steps as our main form of health care.

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