Sunday, August 21, 2016

Aqua Cube Pet Fountain Keeps Our Cats Hydrated Well!

The Good: Generally inexpensive, Our cats use it!
The Bad: Cost of usage, Minor noise factor
The Basics: All three of our cats utilize the Aqua Cube Pet Fountain to keep them hydrated on even the hottest days!

When it comes to pet products that I review, I generally like to wait awhile to see how durable the product is before writing a review. After all, product longevity and durability is important to the overall product value. However, given that August continues to have record-breaking temperatures all around the United States, I figure anything that might help keep one's animals alive deserves a timely review, rather than one that delays for the longevity report. As a result, I'm reviewing the Aqua Cube Pet Fountain after only a month of use.

We picked up the Aqua Cube Pet Fountain because our longhaired orange cat, Elim, was drinking noticeably less from our static water sources as the summer heat began to swell. However, he would hop up on our bathroom sink and drink whenever there was dripping water from it. Because we have very hard water and we believe that might have been a contributing factor to our cat, Gollum's, death because his bladder calcified, we began looking into other watering methods for cats that might prevent the same for Elim. The Aqua Cube Pet Fountain was appealing to us because it had both a moving water source and a carbon water filter. In combination with our Brita water filter (reviewed here!), it seemed reasonable that if Elim (and our other two cats) would use the Aqua Cube Pet Fountain, the water he would be consuming would help keep him healthy.

And it has.

The Aqua Cube Pet Fountain is a 6" wide, 6 3/4" deep, 6 1/2" tall plastic receptacle with a pump unit on the back half. The Aqua Cube Pet Fountain plugs into a standard electrical outlet. When the receptacle is filled, open the back portion and slide the charcoal filter into the slots in the pump section, and plug in the unit. The pump begins working almost immediately and creates a small waterfall from the pump unit into the receptacle.

The pump is surprisingly quiet, so there is no electrical humming sound like one might expect (as I recall from my childhood having aquariums). While the pump is virtually silent, the sound of the water falling takes a little bit to get used to. The sound is virtually identical to a dripping faucet, which is a bit disconcerting, especially for a cheapskate like me. The only other serious detraction of the Aqua Cube Pet Fountain is its cost of operation. The filters must be changed every thirty days and because it is electric, the unit will raise one's electric bill.

That said, the cost of use and the initial investment in the Aqua Cube Pet Fountain is a drastically lower expense than the veterinary bills for one cat, much less three, from dehydration or organ calcification. The wonderful aspect of the Aqua Cube Pet Fountain is that all three of our cats have consistently utilized the new water delivery device! While Elim and Evie were almost instantly intrigued by the Aqua Cube Pet Fountain, it took Timber - our oldest cat - about three days to warm up to it.

The fact that all three of our cats have eagerly used the Aqua Cube Pet Fountain each day since makes it an incredibly good investment to keep our cats healthy!

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