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The Love It Like Treats! Purina ONE Purposeful Nutrition Tender Selects Cat Food

The Good: Very nutritious, All my cats LOVE it, Made with great ingredients, Good dental benefits
The Bad: Expensive!
The Basics: More than any other cat food my three cats have tried, Purina ONE Purposeful Nutrition Tender Selects Cat Food galvanizes my cats in a love of a food!

There are very few cat foods that all three of my cats - Timber, Elim, and our no-longer-kitten Evie - actually agree completely on. So, when I encounter a great cat food that all three absolutely love and has good nutritional value, there is very little that can keep me from recommending the product. In the case of Purina ONE Purposeful Nutrition Tender Selects cat food, it is by far the cat food my three cats have been most excited about and a food they continue to eagerly devour, just like they were treats. The only real strike against the Tender Selects cat food is that at $12.50 (locally) for a 7 pound bag, it is exceptionally expensive.


Purina ONE Purposeful Nutrition Tender Selects Cat Food is a cat food formulated for adult cats to provide all-around nutrition. The Purina ONE Purposeful Nutrition Tender Selects Cat Food regularly comes in a seven pound plastic bag that is priced in our local grocery store at over $12. As a person on a budget, this is a bit expensive for the volume of cat food. But, given the quality of the ingredients and how eagerly the cats go for it, it is hard to quibble too much on the price!

The Purina ONE Purposeful Nutrition Tender Selects Cat Food comes in hard pieces that range slightly in shape and size. The pieces are brown and tan and are generally oval in shape. They are about 3/8” in diameter and 1/8” thick, so they are ideal for all sizes of cat. This cat food does not attempt to mimic the shapes (real or stylized) of any of the ingredients. Mixed in with the hard pieces are dried chicken, shredded morsels that are softer, but easily identifiable for what they are.

Ease Of Preparation

Purina ONE Purposeful Nutrition Tender Selects Cat Food is a generally hard cat food that comes in a small bag, so preparation only involves opening the bag and measuring out the proper serving size for your cat, as determined by its weight. All three of our cats get a daily serving of 1/3 - 2/3 cups each, but because of how they treat this like a treat, sometimes they get additional amounts. The seven pound bag does not last an entire month with three cats.

Timber, Elim And Evie’s Reactions

This cat food smells predictably meaty. The Purina ONE Purposeful Nutrition Tender Selects Cat Food is very aromatic. Each time the bag is open, there is a burst of cooked chicken scent which is instantly recognizable.

Timber, Elim and Evie each love the Tender Selects Cat Food. We first encountered this cat food because of a sample in the mail and all three went after it like it was treats. Placed on the floor, all three cats will devour as much of this food as is left for them; they completely clean up the floor wherever there are pieces of the Tender Selects. Since buying bags of the food (we're on our second now), the cats have consistently cleaned it out of their bowls whenever they are fed. In fact, we had to start using three bowls for our cats because the moment this food is brought out, all three will consume as much of it as they can; this is the first food we've ever bought that our cats seem incapable of sharing. They will each eat as much as they can get and Evie - who is still the smallest of the trio and gets the smallest serving - has been known to try to steal from his older brothers once she is done consuming her serving.


The Tender Selects ONE Purposeful Nutrition Cat Food is a very nutritious cat food. The guaranteed analysis of it indicates that it has a minimum of 34% crude protein and 13% crude fat. With no more than 2% crude fiber and 12% moisture, this is a food that is very balanced. This food also has notable amounts of Linoleic Acid (at least 1.4%), Calcium (at least 1%), Phosphorus and Zinc. Always have adequate water near your cat’s feeding area!

As well, those who are concerned about what goes into their pets will be pleased by how this is a mostly natural cat food this is, with only the bottom half of the ingredients being added vitamins and minerals. The main ingredients are chicken, brewers rice, and corn gluten meal. While only the end of ingredient list is a chemistry equation I can barely comprehend, the primary ingredients are all recognizable. Purina ONE Purposeful Nutrition Tender Selects Cat is an entirely balanced, healthy cat food.


Purina ONE Purposeful Nutrition Tender Selects Cat Food is healthy, apparently delicious, and appreciated by all three of my cats . . . but it's just too expensive to be perfect in my book!

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