Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Myah's Spring In Her Step Returns Thanks To Liquid-Vet Chicken Flavor Joint Formula Glucosamine!

The Good: Easy to use, Myah consumes it quite willingly, Effective!
The Bad: Expensive
The Basics: The Liquid-Vet Chicken Flavor Joint Formula Fast Acting Glucosamine is the real deal when it comes to helping senior dogs live a better life!

In my long history of reviewing, I have generally avoided reviewing any medicines of any sort. I never wanted a review I wrote to make me even partially liable for any negative consequences or unforeseen side effects a medicine might have on anyone (human or animal). But, after a couple months of using Liquid-Vet Chicken Flavor Joint Formula Fast Acting Glucosamine, I felt the strong desire to share my experiences with my readers and review the product. So, right up front, I am not a medical professional of any sort. I have animal companions, but no reader should take my experiences with this product as medical advice. Before administering any form of medicine to any of your animals, consult a veterinarian.

Myah, my eight year-old Siberian Husky was beginning to show her age. She was walking around our apartment and her joints were clicking. She has started to get arthritis and has been appropriately less active as a result. To treat her arthritis, we picked up Liquid-Vet Chicken Flavor Joint Formula Fast Acting Glucosamine.

And it works. This product works exceptionally well.

The Liquid-Vet Chicken Flavor Joint Formula Glucosamine is a straightforward product; it is a medicine designed to improve joint health for dogs. Myah gets better health care than I do; we shelled out $25 for each 32 fl. oz. bottle of Liquid-Vet Chicken Flavor Joint Formula Fast Acting Glucosamine. We are on our third bottle of this product and from the very first bottle, we saw (and heard!) clear results from the product.

The Liquid-Vet Chicken Flavor Joint Formula is a liquid medicine in an opaque white plastic bottle with a screw-on plastic cap. Using the medicine is exceptionally easy because Liquid-Vet included gradations on the cap, so one simply fills the cap to one of two lines, based on the dog's weight. Dogs under fifty pounds, the dose is 1/2 of the cap, for more than fifty pounds, the dog gets a full cap. Myah gets a full cap each day.

Liquid-Vet Chicken Flavor Joint Formula Glucosamine is easy to use. Shake up the bottle, pour the proper serving into the cap, and then pour the liquid over the dog's food. The medicine has only a faint scent of chicken to it, so pouring it over Myah's food makes it very easy for her to consume it. I call it her "special gravy" and she eats up her food and licks the bowl clean. Rather than attempting to get Myah to consume the medicine on its own, I have consistently added it to her food to get it in her. That seems to work quite well. After administering the daily dose, the Joint Formula needs to be refrigerated.

The Liquid-Vet Chicken Flavor Joint Formula works perfectly. Within a week, Myah's joints were clicking less loudly and after two weeks of daily treatments, Myah's joints stopped popping and clicking with her movements at all. In addition to the audible clue that the medicine was working, Myah became more active; moving around more frequently and faster than she had been in the weeks and months since the joint clicking began. Myah has been showing demonstrably more energy and enthusiasm for moving since we started using the Glucosamine.

That said, the Liquid-Vet Chicken Flavor Joint Formula Fast Acting Glucosamine works, but it is expensive. We go through a bottle in just under six weeks, so keeping Myah vibrant and healthy adds up as an expense. She is worth it, but even a couple hundred dollars a year is more than my wife and I spend on ourselves for health care each year! That's a small drawback for a product that works as well as this does!

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