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I Break My Rule And Discover The Star Wars Boushh Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head Is Cool!

The Good: Outfit looks good, Good detailing for accessories, Collectible value, Base
The Bad: Dumb animated look, Giant head, Lack of articulation
The Basics: The Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head Princess Leia as Boushh figure might well be the best of a pretty lame toy line!

I never bought into the whole Pop! Vinyl craze and I never truly got into bobble-heads. As a fan of many genre works, I had to start prioritizing my collecting dollars long before Pop! Vinyl and bobble-heads came to be a thing for genre collectibles. So, I've seen a plethora of Pop! Vinyl collectibles without ever once buying any. Last week, however, right before going to see Suicide Squad (reviewed here!), I hurt my back pretty badly and my wife spent the time since taking care of me. We have a local discount store in our small town and the other day, on their truck of completely random things, they got in two Pop! Vinyl toys that finally got me to buy. My wife has a love of b-rate films and of all of the various Star Wars bounty hunters, one of the few that can usually get me interest in collecting something is Boushh. Well, the local discount store got in, completely randomly, a Pop! Vinyl Sharknado figure and a Princess Leia as Boushh Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head. So, after years of resisting the trend, I got my wife the kitschy Sharknado collectible as a thank you for taking care of so many things while my back was hurt and I got the Boushh bobble-head for myself . . . well, just because.

For those unfamiliar with Princess Leia as Boushh she is the bounty hunter disguise used by the Princess, at the beginning of Return Of The Jedi (reviewed here!) when she enters Jabba's Palace! As Boushh, Princess Leia threatened Jabba The Hutt with a thermal detonator. This figure represents Princess Leia as Boushh prepared to blow up Jabba after she brings Chewbacca into the Palace to collect the bounty on his head.

The Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head Boushh figure is stylized, but otherwise well-rendered and anyone who has seen how Princess Leia as Boushh actually looked will recognize this bears little resemblance to the character's actual form. This looks like a caricature version of Boushh with a significantly larger head than is appropriate.


Princess Leia as Boushh is a human Rebel leader, seen on Tatooine briefly before being exposed as Princess Leia at the beginning of Return Of The Jedi. The figure stands 4" tall. Princess Leia as Boushh is dressed in a tan, brown, and orange outfit with the distinctive helmet that briefly defined Boushh.

This toy is a surprisingly-decent sculpt with ribbing on the boots and belt, which are realistic and even studs on the gloves. As one might guess, the otherwise accurate sculpt is topped with an oversized Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head. Boushh is holding the thermal detonator in her left hand and the staff she held in the scene in her right hand. The sculpt is cool enough in that it even includes the jetpack and cape!


Princess Leia as Boushh, extortionist of vile gangsters, comes only with a stand. The 2 3/4" in diameter black stand features two pegs which fit into the two holes in both of Boushh's feet. The figure easily disconnects from the stand and keeps the figure perfectly stable when it is attached.


The Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head toy line was designed for no good reason I can find, perhaps just because someone realized Star Wars fans would buy anything (I swear, we won’t!). This light toy has a head that is mounted on a spring, but is otherwise a statue-like display piece. The head bounces when tapped or the toy is shaken.

Outside the head, none of the joints are in any way articulated.


The Boushh is part of the Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head Star Wars collection. Despite my not being grabbed by the concept, other people seem to like them and this is #50 in the ever-expanding line of Star Wars bobble-heads. Despite my finding this Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head dirt cheap, this Bobble-Head has generally retained its value since it was released a few years ago. Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Heads are generally mass-produced beyond consumer demand (save exclusives for certain stores and San Diego Comic Con), so it is unlikely this will appreciate in value any time soon.


The Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head Boushh toy is fun and looks a lot better than some of the other, similar, toys with oversized heads. It is, at the very least, fun, even if it is not exceptional.

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