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Ineffective And Gross-Tasting, Green Apple AeroShot Energy Aerodynamic Energy Shot Is Not Worth The Expense

The Good: None that I can find
The Bad: Tastes absolutely gross, Did not work for more than an hour, Expensive.
The Basics: AeroShot Green Apple is an utter failure at keeping me awake, though I did get riled up from its awful taste.

Tonight, I decided to do a little experiment. My wife got me some AeroShot Energy Aerodynamic Energy Shots and I figured the perfect time to test it was tonight on the way home from my screening of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (reviewed here!). I had not tried an aerodynamic energy shot before. This is a powdered energy supplement and I figured after a long movie and a drive through the dark, there was no better time to try the Green Apple AeroShot Energy Aerodynamic Energy Shot.

Sadly, it did not work.

Last night, I had plenty of sleep, but after hours in the dark, I was predictably tired when I finally used the Green Apple AeroShot. It only pepped me up for an hour.


AeroShot is a concentrated energy shot, an inhalant, designed primarily for keeping people awake and alert, usually when they are on a long drive. AeroShot Green Apple comes in a .01 oz. plastic inhaler that small and smooth. The 2” tall, 11/16” wide ovaloid cylinder is filled with a white powder that is the actual Green Apple AeroShot. AeroShot is produced by AeroDesigns and has the inhaler sealed in a metallic packet. The .01 oz. inhaler bottle is a single serving.

Ease Of Preparation

AeroShot is an inhalant in a small inhaler; preparation is as easy as opening the envelope, removing the canister and pulling it open. Then, simply inhale or swallow to ingest the flavored powder. Then, push it back together and throw away the canister.


The Green Apple AeroShot smells like green apple, at least from its container. The outside of the container smells like green apple.

Breathing in or swallowing the Green Apple AeroShot, one is rewarded with the taste of ass. This has a severe, medicinal flavor, with not even a hint of Green Apple. This leaves an awful dry and sour taste in the mouth.

Interestingly, an hour after I first ingested the Green Apple AeroShot, I sneezed and the resulting drip in the back of my throat did actually taste like sour green apples.


As an energy shot, AeroShot Green Apple is designed to provide an energy boost by pumping the consumer full of caffeine and B vitamins. With 100% of the RDA of Niacin, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12, along with 100mg of caffeine, the Green Apple AeroShot does not add anything of nutritional significance to one’s diet.

Nutritionally, AeroShot Green Apple is terrible. It is primarily composed of natural apple flavor, monk fruit extract and sodium bicarbonate. It contains no fruit juice, so it is unsurprising that the flavor is so weak on apple taste. It has no fat and no carbs or other nutritional benefits or detractions.


AeroShot Green Apple comes in a plastic canister sealed in a plastic envelops. The packet my wife picked up two days ago did not have an expiration date on it, but one assumes if it remains sealed and dry it remains viable indefinitely.

This powder is bright white but, unless it gets wet, it should not stain and ought to brush right off.


AeroShot Green Apple energy shots are an expensive way to stay awake at, for, at best, an hour. There are better ways.

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