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No Accessories, No Flair, The C-3PO Mighty Muggs Figure Is Unimpressive!

The Good: The droid looks essentially correct.
The Bad: Dumb animated look, Giant head, Heavy, No accessories, Overproduced, Dull colorscheme
The Basics: The C-3PO Mighty Muggs toy is not made well-enough to make it worth buying and it has no real collector’s value to boot..

C-3PO is a surprisingly hard character to merchandise, though he has been done right for many of the action figure lines. To do him properly, one needs to use a reflective gold (foil-like) surface to get the coloring right. Alas, Mighty Muggs did not make anywhere near that level of effort when it painted up the C-3PO Mighty Muggs figure.

Mighty Muggs toys look like they might be plush as they feature animated versions of recognizable Star Wars characters. However, the cartoon-like heads atop disproportionately smaller bodies simply revealed that the heads and toys were solid, like ceramic (they are, in fact, made of a super-hard, heavy plastic). This is as true of the C-3PO as it is of other Mighty Muggs figures.

For those unfamiliar with C-3PO as he initially appeared, throughout most of Star Wars Saga (reviewed here!), he was a simple gold droid. Unadorned by accessories, marking or clothing, C-3PO is just a bare droid and that is how Mighty Muggs rendered him.

The Mighty Muggs C-3PO figure is poor and anyone who has seen how C-3PO actually looked will recognize this bears little resemblance to the droid. This looks like a cartoon version of the protocol droid.


C-3PO is a protocol droid (shaped like a human being), seen in all six of the main Star Wars films. The figure stands 6" tall. C-3PO is a brownish-bronze painted Mighty Muggs figure with black lines to represent the various segments of the robot. On the plus side, Mighty Muggs did correctly leave one shin uncolored to represent the silver panel that was there. The bronze color looks nothing like the actual gold color of the droid.

This toy is a poor sculpt which looks like an oversized, fattened up LEGO figure. The hands are open slightly, though there are no accessories for him. The droid’s facial expression is a neutral one.


C-3PO, know-it-all droid that he is, comes with no accessories.


The Mighty Muggs toy line was designed for no good reason I can find, perhaps just because someone realized Star Wars fans would buy anything (which turned out to be true enough to make multiple lines of Star Wars Mighty Muggs financially viable!). This heavy toy can be harmful to children and is more intended as a display statue. Sure, it’s a ridiculous display statue, but that’s about it.

C-3PO comes with only five points of articulation, all of which are simple swivel joints. He has joints at the groin socket, shoulders, and neck. The elbows do not extend, so all arm posing is straight-armed. To be fair, the figure does stand up.


The C-3PO is part of the Mighty Muggs Star Wars collection, which no one I know would ever spend money on. The value of these is already declining because it’s a ridiculous concept executed poorly.


Only those who loved the Droids animated series are likely to want this rendition of C-3PO.

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