Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Adorable Invader ZimPlush: The Germ Gir In Dog Disguise Is A Fan Favorite!

The Good: Cute, Well-made
The Bad: Doesn't so much DO anything, Very hard to find, Silkscreened zipper
The Basics: The Germy Gir in Dog Disguise from Invader Zim is cool, but hard to track down and a mixed bag for the expense.

My wife has gotten me into Invader Zim. I never would have guessed it, but it is hard for me not to get pretty geeked out about Invader Zim and now that I am a fan, I have good cause to review the many Invader Zim toys she has around the house. Today, that includes the plush Germy Gir in Dog Disguise! The plush Gir is only the second piece of Invader Zim merchandise I have reviewed, after the Gaz figure (reviewed here!) I picked up for my wife for our anniversary!


The Invader Zim stuffed toys are designed to look cute and embody the characters from the popular television show and they live up to that remarkably well. The Germy Gir in Dog Disguise is a Hot Topic exclusive plush from Toy Play LLC that features Gir as he appeared in his dog disguise in the episode “Germs” of Invader Zim (reviewed here!). The Germy Gir in Dog Disguise is the standard Gir in dog disguise plush, accented with vinyl splotches that indicate the germs he is covered in!

The stuffed toy is 6” tall by 4” wide and 4 1/2” deep. It is basically a bright green alien with comically large eyes and a little pink tongue sticking out. The Hot Topic plush has Gir’s dog disguise ears at the back of his heads and tiny arms, tail and legs. Silkscreened on the front of the plush is the dog disguise zipper. The zipper could have been embroidered on, much like the vinyl germ patches.

The eyes on the Germy Gir in Dog Disguise are embroidered, as well as puffed out comically.

The Germy Gir in Dog Disguise’s materials are made mostly of polyester fibers and plastic pellets.


The Germy Gir in Dog Disguise is probably considered by everyone but my wife to be an accessory of its own, as opposed to a primary plush. It comes with no accessories, but it does have a glossy hard cardboard tag attached to its soft tag on the actual Germy Gir in Dog Disguise. It comes with no other accessories.


The Germy Gir in Dog Disguise is fun, but it does not actually do anything. This is a plush cannot actually stand. Beyond that, it is not an especially playable toy.


Invader Zim merchandise is very hard to come by and the Germ-covered Gir plush is exceptionally hard to find. As a result, it can usually only be found at inflated collector’s prices. My wife picked hers up years ago and thought it was overpriced in the $10 range, but it has since gone up in value and become virtually impossible to find on the secondary market!


The Germy Gir in Dog Disguise plush is neat, but it would have been nice if the zipper had been embroidered on instead of just silkscreened. Still, between the collectible value and how nice it looks, the Germy Gir plush will satisfy most fans!

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