Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2013 . . . The Year Of What Superheroine?

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Hello Faithful Reader (Or Lucky First-Time Visitor!)!

As you might know, each year, I devote my reading time (in part) to graphic novels. I designate each year, the Year Of [Insert superhero name here] and I do my best to go through as much of their library as possible. This year has been my Flash Year, last year was my Daredevil Year, and I started my graphic novel studies with my Wonder Woman Year! Well, 2013 is almost upon us and . . .

. . . I have no idea whom to study.

Seriously, I am absolutely lost.

I do, however, have some things I know I want out of 2013. So, I am very much hoping that - given the criteria I lay out - geeks will rise up and guide me toward an awesome superheroine to study in 2013. The winner will be announced as my first review of 2013, which means, I need to come up with which superheroine I will be studying in 2013 now!!!! If you have an opinion on a worthy woman in the graphic novel medium who deserves a year's worth of attention and whose works might make for fun and interesting reviews for me to write (as well as meets the criteria below), PLEASE leave a comment right away (even if it is not published on the article, I will read it!) so you can help me choose the next Year Of . . .!

The criteria I have established are:

1. Must be a woman. I try to alternate years between genders and comic book publishers, so 2013 is going to be a distinctly feminine year. Heroines (or villainesses) only! As it is, I have so far only reviewed most of the works of Wonder Woman and the Birds Of Prey, so that leaves whole realms wide open,

2. May not be a DC Comics character. By the same token as #1, my Flash Year gave DC Comics a whole lot of focus, it's time to share the wealth. While the character does not have to be from Marvel Comics (see #3), I am looking for a character of substance to study, so don't bother trying to pitch me on Fathom (whose whole point, as near as I can tell, is to make a swimsuit book and see just how unrealistically one might stretch the feminine proportions),

3. The character must have a sufficient library (I'll probably read at least two of their graphic novels a month, so ideally I'm looking for a character well-represented in 24 or more graphic novels, probably more). I'd also rather the character have enough of a solo career to make studying them worth my while; I'm not eager to read every X-Men saga arc just to pull out the three pages of Jubilee (she's a minor X-Men character, right?!),

and . . . that's it. Wow me! Tell me who your favorite superheroine is and why! Sell me on a woman in print I've not read and that might inspire me to read and share thoughts on over 2013! Please! I hate doing this legwork; I need fans who know to guide me for a change!

Thanks! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the subject!

And thank you for reading!

-W.L. Swarts
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