Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shell Out For The Good Stuff: Frontline Plus For Dogs Is Worth The Expense!

The Good: Effective, Endures, Fairly priced for the quality
The Bad: Seems initially pricy
The Basics: Frontline Plus For Dogs actually works to kill fleas, almost instantly, relieving dogs of a lot of pain, without being a inappropriately expensive!

When Myah came back from the vet after getting spayed, she had fleas and that left me exceptionally concerned. Being a cheapskate, I went out and bought some Sergeant’s Flea & Tick Squeeze-On For Dogs (reviewed here!). After that proved ineffective after a week, Myah got reinfected. Since then, I have only used Frontline Plus For Dogs to kill fleas and ticks and keep her from getting re-infested.

And it works.

The Frontline Plus For Dogs comes in a three-pack and is advertised to kill fleas, ticks, chewing lice, and flea eggs. Myah had a small colony of fleas and flea eggs on her armpit, which she picked up a week after the initial round of them were killed by using the Sergeant’s. Never one to make the same mistake twice, I started using Frontline Plus For Dogs and, after two and a half months of monthly use, she has been clear of all creepy-crawlies. After applying the Frontline Plus For Dogs, Myah was free of parasites within a day!

Frontline Plus For Dogs is very easy to use. Opening the box, I found three tubes of the medication. Myah, being a fifty pound Siberian Husky, uses the adult formula for dogs between 45 and 88 lbs. The three tubes of Frontline Plus For Dogs are like little plastic syringes with thin “needles” and a squeeze bottom that allows the watery liquid inside to be dispensed. This medicine requires a pair of scissors to separate the dispensers from one another. However, the “needle” is perforated and it cracks off and open easily to properly dispense the fluid inside.

Using Frontline Plus For Dogs is very easy. Simply prepare your dog – I recommend brushing the hair on the nape of the neck out prior to dispensing the Frontline Plus For Dogs medicine. Then, simply cut the top off the “syringe” and squeeze the fluid inside onto the hair on the back of your dog’s neck. Myah did not even flinch when I dispensed the Frontline Plus For Dogs medicine in such a fashion. The medicine had no noticeable odor and Myah showed no reaction to the Frontline Plus For Dogs.

The fleas, however, did. Within a day of applying the Frontline Plus For Dogs to Myah’s skin, all of her fleas were dead and gone. She has since shown no signs of irritation or of any fleas returning. Frontline Plus For Dogs actually worked, worked ideally, and there is really nothing more I can say about it, because while it originally seemed expensive, the fact that it worked meant it was worth every penny!

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