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More Than Just Recolored, The Jango Fett Slave I Action Fleet Vehicle Toy Is Pretty Cool!

The Good: Good sculpt, Great balance, Good detailing, Great collectible value
The Bad: No mini-figures
The Basics: Galoob’s MicroMachines Action Fleet Slave I is neat, but does not include minifigures to augment the ship, which is better than just a recolored version of the Boba Fett version of the same ship!

Galoob’s Action Fleet toy line came out, one might argue, well after Galoob’s Star Wars products had already peaked and were in descent. The first line was released early enough to capitalize on the enthusiasm from the Special Edition cinematic release, but by the time the line ended, the company was milking the prequel films’ ships. So, by the time Attack Of The Clones was released, they had milked most of the important ships. Fortunately, Galoob did not skimp out with some of the most significant ships. Jango Fett’s Slave I was released for the Episode II Action Fleet set and, fortunately, it was much more than a simple recoloring of the Boba Fett Slave I (reviewed here!), released earlier.

Fans of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy will easily recall the middle section of Attack Of The Clones (reviewed here!) where Obi-Wan Kenobi follows the bounty hunter Jango Fett off Kamino and ends up in a firefight in an asteroid belt.

The MicroMachines Action Fleet Slave I is the fresh bounty hunter’s ship with a small base. It is remarkably cool and deserves a prominent place in anyone’s bounty hunter or Star Wars vehicle collection!


The MicroMachines Action Fleet Slave I was released by Galoob and it is a basic toy. Cast only in plastic, the Slave I is 2 5/8“ tall, 5 3/4“ long and 5 5/8“ wide. The includes a clear canopy that has the cockpit where Jango Fett should sit.

The MicroMachines Action Fleet Slave I looks incredible. It is cast detailed with such fine work as the side flaps on the spine guns. The paint job is absolutely incredible. The Attack Of The Clones version is blue and gray colored and looks like it fresh and unscarred from space battles. The bottom is monochromatic gray.


The MicroMachines Action Fleet Slave I comes with only the base accessory. The base is a black plastic stand that attaches (with a peg on the stand portion that fits into a hole on the underside of Slave I) to the ship and raises it 2 3/4” above the surface upon which the toy is placed. Intended for display, the base would hold Action Fleet scale mini-figures (though there are none with this ship) and has the silver Star Wars Action Fleet logo on the front. The Slave I fits perfectly into the base.


The MicroMachines Action Fleet has pretty limited playability, though it is designed to look excellent on the stand. Cockpit is clear plastic and opens, but there are no mini-figures to actually go in the ship. This seems to be intended as a display piece more than a toy for play.

The gun ports on the spine rotate, as do the side fins.


The MicroMachines Action Fleet is part of a now-defunct line of die-cast vehicle toys that Galoob produced. The Slave I remains one of the most popular and sought after in the Attack Of The Clones line.

The Slave I toy’s price continues to rise. Finding it at an obscure toy or collectible’s store may net a decent deal, but unless one finds it that way, it is not a great investment piece.


Fans of Attack Of The Clones, Star Wars bounty hunters, and Slave I will like the clean version of the famed bounty hunter’s ship. It makes for a cool display piece, even if not a bargain to acquire!

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