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The General Electric GSD2100N00WW 24” Dishwasher Is More Average Than Extraordinary.

The Good: Easy to use, Quiet
The Bad: Not energy efficient, Color is not my style, Sterilizes more than cleans.
The Basics: The GE GSD2100N00WW white 24” dishwasher is a very typical dishwasher that is in no way extraordinary.

In moving into our new place together, my wife and I have a whole new array of appliances for me to review. Sadly, I am rapidly discovering that most of them are not of the same caliber as the ones I had in my first house. The General Electric GSD2100N00WW dishwasher (model #GSD2100N00WW) is a perfect example of that. This gas powered, white finish dishwasher is not at all my style, but it came with our place and I’m using it about once a week and I find myself largely happy to not have to wash dishes constantly, but underwhelmed by the performance of this dishwasher.

Unfortunately, the General Electric GSD2100N00WW is not Energy Star compliant and it uses more energy – in the form of gas to heat the hot water – than electric dishwashers. It is not an excessive energy draw, but I have found that if I do not run the hot water before starting the dishwasher, it does draw a bit more gas than when I do.

As for installation, I cannot attest to how easy this was to install. This built-in 24” dishwasher was installed when we arrived.

On the cleaning front, this dishwasher is a mixed bag. The stainless steel dishwasher I used to have (reviewed here!) was an exceptional cleaner. The GE GSD2100N00WW dishwasher gets food off of dishes that have been soaked. However, dishes with dried-on matter will not get clean in this dishwasher. Moreover, where we live now has very hard water and that has necessitated using a rinse agent at higher levels to start breaking down the rust that had stained the inside of this dishwasher. The first few times we did that, there was matter left on the clean dishes. The dishes do get sterilized, at the very least, which is nice.

The control panel on the dishwasher is easy to use and there are plenty of settings I've never used (I still do pots and pans by hand, just out of habit and frequency of use). The manual is very clear in describing how those other settings would be used and I trust that if I ever have occasion to use them I will be able to without problem.

Dishwashers are one of those appliances that either works or it doesn't. When it does not work properly, there may be a lot written to detail how it fails to meet one's expectations. On the other hand, if it does what it is supposed to, there is little one may write. A dishwasher should - ideally - make the cleaning of one's dishes a thoughtless process which consumes a minimum of time and attention. With the General Electric GSD2100N00WW, I still have to check the dishes when I unstack the dishwasher after running it. 90% of the dishes come out clean from this dishwasher, but having had a dishwasher that nailed 100% of the dishes, it’s hard to downgrade.

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