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More Sparkle Than Flavor, Grapefruit Bubly Sparkling Water Underwhelms!

The Good: Does not taste bad, Good ingredients
The Bad: More carbonated than it is flavorful, No nutritional benefits
The Basics: Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water is thoroughly unimpressive on the flavor front, making for a tough sell for those who want an actual flavored sparkling water.

I get excited by seeing how familiar, powerful, companies attempt to diversify their product lines in order to compete in saturated or changing markets. When it comes to beverages, there are few companies that are as big as PepsiCo, so when Pepsi rolls out an entirely new product line, I find myself intrigued, at the very least. Pepsi, responding to consumer concerns about corn syrup and the lack of nutrition in soda pop, seems to be spreading into the bottled and canned water markets. My first experience with Pepsi's new, non-soda pop, product lines is their Bubly Sparkling Water. My wife found us a six-pack of Grapefruit Bubly, which seemed like an excellent choice for me as grapefruit is one of my favorite flavors.

Unfortunately, while this Bubly Sparkling Water is incredibly well-carbonated, it is not particularly flavorful. Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water is a reasonably-priced sparkling water that is unfortunately unremarkable for those who want something that is actually flavorful.


Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water is a canned sparkling water that is sold at grocery stores, as part of Pepsi's expanding beverage line. Each 12 oz. aluminum can houses the clear liquid. The cans are brightly

The 12 ounce can represents a single serving of Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water.

Ease Of Preparation

Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water is a clear liquid in a bright pink aluminum can. Preparation is as easy as opening the can by using the traditional tab to cut into the top and open the metal can. I recommend refrigerating the can first as its full flavor potential is reached by having it cool.


The aroma of the Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water is fairly light. The scent of grapefruit is very mild and by the time one is actually able to smell it, odds are the carbonation will have deposited many droplets of water into the consumer's nose! This beverage does not have a strong scent at all.

The Grapefruit Bubly is very mild on the flavor front as well. While the beverage is fairly heavily carbonated, it is a quite a stretch to actually find grapefruit flavor in its flavor palate. The grapefruit flavor manifests most as a slightly sour, somewhat citrus, finishing taste as one swallows the last of the drink.

There is no real aftertaste from the Grapefruit Bubly, either.


As a sparkling water, one might expect this to have unpronounceable ingredients related to its carbonation. However, Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water is made entirely of carbonated water and natural flavor. There are no other or unpronounceable ingredients in this and Pepsi, with its Bubly imprint, seems to be trying to make a strong differentiation from its soda pop division on the ingredients front!

Nutritionally, Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water is not enough to live off of, but it could be worse. Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water has no calories, no carbohydrates, no protein and only ten milligrams of Sodium (a statistically insignificant amount). Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water has no fat, nor any other nutrients.


Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water comes in an aluminum can and I could not find an expiration date on my can. One imagines that if it is kept sealed, this beverage will remain fresh indefinitely.

This drink is clear and no matter what it gets on, it will not stain or leave any residue once it evaporates.


Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water is an unimpressive entry into a fairly saturated market, making for a drink that is impossible to recommend.

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