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A Pretty Wonderful Electric Kettle: The Farberware Electric Glass Kettle!

The Good: Boils water fast, Easy to clean, Affordable
The Bad: Comparatively loud, Stiff electric cord.
The Basics: The Farberware 1.7 L Electric Glass Kettle is a decent electric kettle that does exactly what it promises in terms of boiling water fast!

Not long ago, after a decent five years of fairly heavy use, my electric kettle finally gave out. The Ovente 1.5 Liter Glass Electric Kettle (reviewed here!) did an amazing job of holding up over the years, at least for my family and I. Needing a replacement fast, I had to find a new (to me) electric kettle and we decided to go with the affordable, easy-to-find locally Farberware Electric Glass Kettle.

The Farberware Electric Glass Kettle is, as its name suggests, a clear glass kettle used to boil water. The Farberware Electric Glass Kettle has a bright blue light at the bottom where the heating coils are for no practical reason. In fact, the only reason I can tell to have the light in the electric kettle is to determine when the unit is actively heating the water. The Farberware 1.7 L Electric Glass Kettle is a two-piece electric device that is designed solely to boil water . . . fast. The Electric Glass Kettle is comprised of a stainless steel and black plastic base and the actual glass kettle, with a black plastic handle and lid.

The base is a simple six inch in diameter plastic disc with a cord that plugs into a two-prong wall socket. The cord is twenty-eight and one-half inches long, but for those who do not need a cord that has to stretch even that far, below the disc are tabs that allow the user to wind the cord up and contain it under the unit. Unfortunately, the cord is unusually stiff and, as a result, it truly only winds once around the base, lest the stiffness prevent the heating disc from laying flat on the counter upon which the unit is placed. There are soft-rubber feet on the underside which both protect finer surfaces from any sort of scratching from the plastic bass. Moreover, the rubber feet provide friction so the unit is remarkably stable and does not move from any flat surface I've set it upon. Considering the whole point of this gadget is to boil water, stability of the unit is essential.

Atop the disc is a knob that comes from a slightly raised, contoured inner disc. This is where the kettle itself attaches to the base. The base simply plugs into the wall and sits where one leaves it.

The actual electric kettle portion is an eight and three-quarter inch tall glass pot that is accented with matte black plastic for the handle, activation lever and flip top and stainless steel for the base ring. The kettle sets on the base and when together, they are very stable and hard to tip over. The kettle has a 1.7 Liter capacity (in practical terms, this is more than two full steeping pots worth of tea!) and it takes seven minutes, fifteen seconds to come to a very full boil.

Operating the Farberware Electric Glass Kettle is exceptionally easy: fill with water, place the kettle on the base (assuming it's plugged in), depress the lever on the bottom base of the kettle (the bottom of the base of the glass kettle up neon blue when active) and wait. The unit turns itself off when it is done. Because it has an automatic shut-off, one cannot burn down their house with the Farberware 1.7 L Electric Glass Kettle!

And then all you need to do is pour your boiling water out and is it that simple. Refilling the unit is a snap because of the spring-loaded top which opens by pressing a button on the handle. Moreover, the button is positioned in such a way that makes accidentally opening the top and spilling boiling water on oneself virtually impossible.

More than any other electric kettle I have used, the Farberware Electric Glass Kettle is loud when the water in it is boiling. As it nears a boil, this kettle makes a lot of noise, which was an unfortunate surprise with the unit.

Cleanup of the Farberware 1.7 L Electric Glass Kettle is impressively easy. First, I recommend only using filtered water in the unit. Whenever I fill the Farberware 1.7 L Electric Glass Kettle, I use water from my Brita Oceania Pitcher Filtration System (reviewed here!) and even with very hard water in my apartment, the Farberware 1.7 L Electric Glass Kettle has only required minimal cleaning. The glass sides of the pitcher make it virtually impossible for any build-up to build up on the surface of the electric kettle. A damp cloth may be used to clean the base after it is unplugged.

The Farberware 1.7 L Electric Glass Kettle is all right, but it is a bit louder and has a bigger footprint than I find ideal.

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