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Delightfully Aromatic, B-leve B-Passionate Body Wash Works!

The Good: Good lather, Easy to open bottle, Inexpensive, Good aroma, Adequately moisturizes
The Bad: Scrubbing grit does nothing, Not antibacterial
The Basics: B-leve Antibacterial B-passionate Body Wash is a good body wash that does a decent job at moisturizing and making showers smell great!

There are so many body washes on the market these days that it is sometimes tough to cut through the hype and brand names to simply find a body wash that works. As a result, I continue to try a lot of different body washes and review them. One of the recent pleasant surprises in the body wash field for me has been B-leve B-Passionate Body Wash. I found the B-leve B-Passionate Body Wash on clearance at my local grocery store, which is clearancing the whole B-leve product line.

The B-leve B-passionate body wash is a good body wash, with a fresh, clean, fruity scent. This is ideal for those who want to clean their bodies and leave their skin moisturized and with a clean scent to it.

B-leve B-passionate body wash is nicely aromatic and cleans fairly well. In the steamy environment of a shower or bath, the floral and fruity scent effervesces well. The 17 fl. oz. bottle usually sells for $5.19 and was commonly available in Michigan, at least until my local places started to clearance it. The B-passionate Body Wash is an effective, easy-to-use product that leaves skin feeling clean and mildly aromatic. When one is especially dirty, the B-leve B-passionate Body Wash gets one clean and it deodorizes well when one scrubs.

Body washes generally seem disproportionately expensive to me, though the B-leve B-passionate Body Wash was one of the mid-range body washes by price, at least for one that is not an antibacterial body wash. B-leve's B-passionate Body Wash offers less than other body washes that actually exfoliate and this one psyches the consumer out by having tiny beads in it that are for the aroma, as opposed to scrubbing. The B-passionate Body Wash lathers up incredibly well, so it is good for a thrifty shoppers.

The B-passionate Body Wash is a translucent pale purple fluid about the consistency of most shampoos. This is a smooth body wash, despite the tiny bubbles in it which appear to be scrubbing grit but are actually just aromatic, so it does nothing to exfoliate the skin. Using the B-passionate Body Wash is simple. The bottle features a flip top that opens with the flick of the thumb. The bottle is easy enough to open and close one handed as to make it convenient in the tub or shower, especially if one is using a loofah or washcloth in the other hand. The bottle of B-passionate Body Wash is rounded and slippery when wet, so it is important to get a good grip on this body wash bottle!

Dispensing the B-passionate Body Wash is very easy. Simply squeeze the bottle and apply the very fluid body wash to your hand, loofah or cloth. In my experience, the body wash is more fluidic than creamy and, as a result, comes out of the bottle very easily when one squeezes it. As a result, about a quarter-sized dollop is all that is necessary to clean my whole body when it mixes with the water from my shower or bath. I've found it most effective to dole out the body wash in one fell swoop as it lathers very easily and completely fills a loufah when one does.

Part of the reason the product washes off so well is that it lathers exceptionally well. Used sparingly, the B-passionate Body Wash may be spread over an entire body the way it lathers up. Simply agitating it on the skin yields a foamy, clean lather that both moisturizes and cleans skin. Without a loofah or other rough applicator, it does not remove dirt or grime beyond what one expects from water running. As the water flows over it, it washes off easily leaving behind no film or residue, only generally clean skin.

The B-passionate Body Wash has a strong scent that is right on the border of fruity and floral. There are hints of citrus in the bouquet of this body wash, but it finishes with a scent like lilacs and roses. The combination of fruity and floral scents mixes nicely; I'm not certain if it is actually a scent of passion, but is smells wonderful.

B-leve B-passionate Body Wash is not antibacterial and it does not exfoliate the skin, but it is pretty wonderful despite that!

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