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Mackerel, Apparently, Makes All The Difference: Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Tuna & Mackerel Cat Food!

The Good: Wonderful ingredients, Good nutrition, One of my cats absolutely loves it!
The Bad: Very expensive, No dental benefits
The Basics: Elim pretty much begs for the Tiki Cat Tuna & Mackerel Pate cat food, which makes it a good distraction for my most active cat!

I am always fascinated, when it comes to pet foods, to see how minor differences affect a product. Not long ago, I reviewed Tiki Cat Tuna & Chicken Velvet Mousse (reviewed here!). My cats enjoyed it, but it was pretty expensive and the truth is, the Velvet Mousse line from Tiki Cat seemed to have a lot of flavors that were very similar. Despite that, I decided to give my cats some Tiki Cat Tuna & Mackerel Velvet Mousse and I was surprised how different the reactions were. For one of my three cats, the one who loves wet food, the Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Tuna & Mackerel Cat Food is like crack; he woke up and ran for the dish when I served this food, which was quite surprising to me!


Tiki Cat Tuna & Mackerel Velvet Mousse comes in a plastic 2.8 oz. single serve pouch, which is not resealable. Supposedly, all three of my cats for their weights and ages should eat at least two pouches per day! Even on sale, that would be far too expensive for us to feed them this mousse that much each day. As well, because it is a wet cat food, the Tiki Cat Tuna & Mackerel Velvet Mousse does not have any dental benefits that would encourage me to give the cats this each and every day to give them overall dental health. Elim, especially, needs to be attentive to his dental health, so despite his love of wet food and this food in particular, he needs harder foods than this for a daily balance.

Ease Of Preparation

The Tuna & Mackerel Velvet Mousse opens up easily enough in the 2.8 oz. plastic pouch. The small plastic pouch as a top that easily pulls off. Opening the pouch reveals the food inside. Velvet Mousse Tuna & Mackerel looks like pureed salmon or tuurky, as it is brown, but does not have fishy chunks in it. This cat food may be dispensed into a cat's food dish by squeezing the food out of the pouch or spooning it out.

Evie, Elim And Timber’s Reactions

The Tiki Cat Tuna & Mackerel Velvet Mousse smells strongly fishy. The aroma from this mousse is fresh and realistic, completely embodying the promised tuna and mackerel, which makes sense given they are the dish's primary ingredients.

Evie and Timber both sampled the Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Tuna & Mackerel Cat Food, but they barely had time to consume any before Elim muscled them out of the way. Elim lapped up all of the Tiki Cat Tuna & Mackerel Velvet Mousse that was put before him. The second time I decided to feed my cats Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Tuna & Mackerel Cat Food, Elim was asleep. I prepared the serving, brought it near him and in his sleep, he inhaled. His little eyes popped open and he chased me two rooms away to where I set the cat food! When a cat will go from dead asleep to chasing for a food within five seconds, it has to be something they seriously enjoy!


The Velvet Mousse Tuna & Mackerel is very nutritious for cats and it has nothing noticeably bad in it. Considering that the primary ingredients are tuna broth, tuna and mackerel, the Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Tuna & Mackerel Cat Food has quality ingredients enough to justify the price. According to the guaranteed analysis on the pouch, there is a minimum of 14% crude protein and 2% crude fat and no more than 1% crude fiber, 2% ash, and 80% moisture. This is food appears to be wheat-free and it most definitely requires refrigeration after it is opened!

I cannot afford to give Elim and Timber this each and every day, though Elim gets it quite often - especially since our local discount store started stocking it pretty regularly. Hard cat food has clear dental benefits that the Velvet Mousse Tuna & Mackerel does not have. When the cats chew (to split into bite-sized pieces) their hard cat food, it scrapes plaque and tartar off their teeth. There is no such physical operation going on with this cat food.


Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Tuna & Mackerel might have won over only one of my three cats, but the ferocity with which Elim loves this food makes it surprisingly easy to recommend!

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