Monday, June 30, 2014

Weakest Glade Spray? Cashmere Woods Might Be The Frontrunner!

The Good: Easy to use
The Bad: A little expensive, Does not solve any problems/address cause of smells, Ridiculously weak scent, Weak scent does not endure.
The Basics: Arguably the weakest and least-enduring aroma from the line, Glade Cashmere Woods Glade Spray is a waste of money.

Not long ago, I found myself considering the Glade Sprays limited edition Winter Collection Pure Vanilla Joy spray (reviewed here!) and I found it wanting. In fact, it was no surprise to me that after I bought that spray, my wife went out and bought another Glade Spray to try to combat the scents lingering around our apartment (most of which are animal related). The scent she chose was Cashmere Woods. Rather problematically, Cashmere Woods is even weaker than the Pure Vanilla Joy. In fact, it is such a weak scent that the only reason it does not earn a zero rating is that it does not smell bad. I guess I was feeling generous and figured an air freshener that does not make an area smell worse is worth half a point.

An autumn or winter scent, Glade Cashmere Woods is a spray air freshener that comes in an 8 oz. metal spray bottle. Topped with a plastic spray nozzle and button, the Glade Cashmere Woods air freshener is exceptionally easy to use. Simply press the lever and a mist explodes out of the canister. A one second burst creates a cloud about 1 cubic foot in volume and that is enough to cast the scent around a medium-sized (12’ X 15’ X 9’) room.

The Glade Cashmere Woods canister is expensive. For $3.99, the canister gets at least thirty uses, but the scent only seems to last about as long as one can see it in the air. Cashmere Woods Glade Spray does not address the causes of odor. If you have shoes that smell bad and use this Glade scent, almost instantly, the bad smell will almost instantly reassert itself. Unlike something like a disinfectant (like Lysol) that kills bacteria that cause odors, the Glade Sprays just mask the scent and the Cashmere Woods type does not even do that effectively. I would rather get more enduring value out of a disinfectant than an air freshener.

As for the scent, the Cashmere Woods is a vague nature spice scent. For the two or three seconds the smell lingers in the air, it smells like dry leaves and acorns. The scent is weak, virtually indescribable, and smells most like bark, but not pine or another aromatic wood.

Ultimately, the weakness, lack of endurance and lack of real (disinfecting) benefits make the Cashmere Woods Glade Spray impossible to recommend.

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