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Sparkling Relaxation: Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Is Flavorful, If Not Overly Sedative!

The Good: Good taste, Healthy enough
The Bad: Not the most strongly flavored, Somewhat pricy
The Basics: Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Sparkling Dietary Supplement is good and interesting, but not entirely worth the price.

I’m not sure what makes a beverage a “dietary supplement” instead of a “sparkling water,” but the relatively new-to-market Neuro beverages are defined as the former instead of the latter. Despite not being an incredible health drink, Neuro beverages call themselves “dietary supplements” and trade on various desired effects of drinking the beverages as opposed to the power of the flavor. I know why I purchased the Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Sparkling Dietary Supplement; I had a coupon and the drink is new. The beverage advertises itself based on the promise of bringing the consumer bliss by reducing stress more than it trades on the vague Summer Citrus Berry flavor. I did not necessarily believe that the Neuro beverage could bring me bliss (I’m not a huge fan of beverages that make exceptional claims like that), but I hoped that the drink would relax me. And, after a pretty stressful week at work, it’s possible the drink’s properties helped contribute to my relaxed state this afternoon. Instead of spending the day in pain (my hands have been very tight all week and weekend), since drinking the Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Sparkling Dietary Supplement, I’ve been positively sleepy!

I suppose, at worst, that might mean the drink works.


Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Sparkling Dietary Supplement is a bottled dietary supplement, which essentially is a sparkling water, that is sold at grocery stores. Each 14.5 fl. oz. plastic bottle houses the clear, bubbling liquid. The bottles are colorful, curvy and stylish and give no hint to the bottle’s contents until the smooth, rounded top is unscrewed.

The 14.5 fl. oz. bottle represents about a single serving of Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Dietary Supplement.

Ease Of Preparation

Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Sparkling Dietary Supplement is a clear liquid in a colorful bottle. Preparation is as easy as opening the bottle by twisting the bottle cap off and drinking the liquid inside. I recommend refrigerating the bottle first as its full flavor potential is reached by having it cool. This beverage is surprisingly flavorful and having it cool seems to bring out its fruity flavor.


The Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Sparkling Dietary Supplement smells weakly of berry. The scent is very much one of raspberries and blackberries. The fruity scent is strong enough to be inviting, but vague enough to not be easily defined.

In the mouth, the Summer Citrus Berry is sparkly and sweet. The flavor is strongly fruity and while the primary flavor is very much that of a berry combination, there is a strong melon-flavored secondary taste. The berry flavor is enjoyable and bubbly and the Neuro Summer Citrus Berry is appropriately soothing. The fruit flavors are strong enough to be recognizable and enjoyable.

There is a slight dry aftertaste to the Summer Citrus Berry, like what one expects from a flavored seltzer, though this beverage is nowhere near as salty.


As a “Dietary Supplement,” one might expect this to have numerous ingredients that might be related to health and nutrition that make it appear like a vitamin supplement, but it does not. It does, however, have a few unpronounceable ingredients related to its carbonation or supposed blissmaking properties. Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Dietary Supplement is made primarily of carbonated water, crystalline fructose, and natural flavors.

Nutritionally, Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Sparkling Dietary Supplement is not enough to live off of, but it could be worse. Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Sparkling Dietary Supplement has 35 calories in a bottle, from nine grams of carbohydrates. Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Sparkling Dietary Supplement has no fat and 50% of the RDA of Vitamin D. There are no other nutrients or benefits from a bottle of Bliss. There is an allergy note that warns consumers that the Bliss Summer Citrus Berry contains soy.


Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Sparkling Dietary Supplement comes in a plastic bottle and I was surprised by how soon it expired. The bottles I bought yesterday had an August 30, 2014 expiration date!

This drink is a clear liquid and it will not stain.


Neuro Summer Citrus Berry Sparkling Dietary Supplement is actually refreshing and relaxing, even if it is not truly exceptional or hydrating. For the price, this is not an incredible drink, though it is tasty.

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