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Expensively Exchanging For Sugar: Sin-Free Sugar Might Be The Best Sugar Substitute!

The Good: Good health benefits, Tastes exceptionally good for a sugar substitute
The Bad: Comparatively expensive!
The Basics: Sin-Free Sugar is the best sugar substitute I have found so far, despite how pricy it can be!

My wife has been steadily reducing her weight and eating better since she was diagnosed with pre-hypertension two years ago (she has since gotten to a healthy blood pressure and into a far healthier weight class!). To that end, she has been altering our diets in order to meet her goals. One of her big kicks has been trying to replace sugars in her diet. Her latest attempt is actually the best (so far), despite how expensive it is: Sin-Free Sugar.

Sin-Free Sugar is a sugar substitute that is designed for people who have dietary needs that force them to take in less carbs and few calories, as well as diabetics. Sin-Free Sugar is one of the rare sweeteners designed to replace sugars in baking and it lives up on that front. Moreover, it is the sweetest sugar replacement that has no chemical processes involved in its creation. As an all-natural product, it is pricier, but for those serious about changing their health, this might well be the best product yet on the market!


Sin-Free Sugar is a white granule that replaces sugar. We picked it up in the 16 oz. resealable bag. The bag was more expensive than a ten pound bag of sugar, by about five times. So far, we have not found Sin-Free Sugar on sale or coupons for it, so it remains one of the most expensive sugar substitutes to hit the market yet. After opening the bag, one has easy access to the Sin-Free Sugar, one need only scoop it out with a teaspoon (which is not provided). The seasoning is basically a sweetener that is opaque white and hard, like whitened sugar grains, as opposed to the usual translucent crystals.

Ease Of Preparation

Sin-Free Sugar is exceptionally easy to use. Simply open the bag and scoop out the Sin-Free Sugar. With the bulk packs, it becomes very easy to use as a sugar replacement. There is no trick to sweetening with the Sin-Free Sugar. For those needing strict portion control, there are environmentally unfriendly single-serving packets.


Sin-Free Sugar, perhaps unsurprisingly, does not have any scent to it. Smelling the Sin-Free Sugar does not foreshadow its flavor at all.

On the tongue, Sin-Free Sugar is homogenously sweet, with a strange cool sensation in the mouth. The best analogy I can give for the flavor of this product is ice cubes with sugar. The powdery granules are sweet and cold with a watery quality to the way the Sin-Free Sugar finishes. The flavor is not at all unpleasant or chemically, but there is a flavor difference to the way the product finishes its flavor compared to either granule sugar or powdered sugar.

As a control, I added Sin-Free Sugar to my cup of Maxwell House Dark Roast Coffee (reviewed here!) in order to test how it sweetened. The Sin-Free Sugar easily dissolved into the coffee, but a single teaspoon did nothing to sweeten the dark coffee. In fact, it barely reduced the bitterness of the coffee I love, which makes it ineffectual, save that one can keep adding Sin-Free Sugar to coffee until it does sweeten (which took about three teaspoons before it worked in a good dark blend).

The Sin-Free Sugar has no aftertaste to it.


I was positively surprised by how good Sin-Free Sugar is on the nutrition front. In a 1 gram serving there are no calories. Sin-Free Sugar consists entirely of Xylose, Erythirol (sugar alcohol) and undefined essential sugars. There is actually nothing unpronounceable in this sweetener. It is suitable for people with diabetes and has a glycemic index of two, which the company seems very proud of (I’ve no idea what that means). However, Sin-Free Sugar is good for those with diabetes and does not contribute to one’s glycemic load.


I could find no expiration date on my container of Sin-Free Sugar, but it seems reasonable that it would not expire so long as it is kept dry.

If the Sin-Free Sugar gets on clothing, it shouldn’t stain. It easily wipes off any surface it gets on.


Sin-Free Sugar seems to live up to all the promises it makes both as a sweetener and a health food. I’ve recently become much more wary about recommending foods that included protected, proprietary blends in their ingredients list, but given that the primary ingredient is simply a different, natural, sugar, it is hard to imagine there is some secret, hideous health risk to be exposed from Sin-Free Sugar. Until I am proven wrong on that, the only detriment to this product is its expense and even paying so much more for a sugar replacement is worth it to have sweet foods in one’s healthier life!

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