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Delightful And Light, Edy's Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Bars Are Worth Finding (Even Now!)

The Good: Tastes good, Uses real fruit juice
The Bad: Somewhat expensive (compared to many ice creams or sorbets), Not as nutritious as the bars that have actual fruit in them.
The Basics: Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars are incredible for anyone who wants their grapefruit juice delivered in a frozen form!

For all my love of my local grocery store’s clearance section, there are very few times I can actually find rhyme or reason there. However, every now and then I come upon a treasure in my local grocery store’s clearance that is deeply discounted because it is expiring or expired. While the store is excellent at getting rid of produce and meats that are near their expiration date in a timely fashion, sometimes their frozen food section has some expired products that linger. Because locally there are few people as health conscious as my wife, we managed to get the store’s entire stock of clearance Edy’s Grapefruit Outshine fruit ice bars. And buying up the whole lot was well worth it because at regular price, we might have felt cheated by the lack of significant nutritional benefits. That said, I’m delighted to say that (predictably) Edy’s Outshine bars remain delightful even after their expiration date, so if one can find the Seasonal Picks Grapefruit bars, I would recommend them fairly enthusiastically.


Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars come in a package of six Fruit Ice Bars that total 16.1 fl. oz. Each is individually wrapped and come with the yellow fruit ice bars on a stick. These are a frozen treat with each clear plastic-wrapped Fruit Ice Bar in a light green box. These are exceptionally easy to enjoy, but they have to be kept completely frozen or else they melt in an unpleasant and ultimately inedible way.

Each Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Ice Cream Bar is 6“ long (with the stick)/4” long for the treat itself, 2“ wide and 7/8“ thick.

Ease Of Preparation

Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars are a gourmet frozen dessert. They come frozen and must be kept that way. The only way these lasted for us was using our deep freeze freezer (reviewed here!) to keep the Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars entirely solid!

Because they come in the individual wrappers, one must simply unwrap each Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars and then eat them. That is it.


The Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars have almost mo aroma to them, until they begin to warm up toward freezing. As they near their melting point, they begin to effervesce with a strong citrus scent.

On the tongue and in the mouth, Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars overwhelm the palate with a predictably strong, sour grapefruit flavor. The potent grapefruit taste is not at all unpleasant and just as the sourness from the frozen treat reaches its peak, the desserts sweetness kicks in. It finishes with a purely fruity flavor that is exactly what one would expect from a grapefruit juice-based product.

These have no aftertaste as their sourness dissipates almost as soon as the last bite is swallowed.


The Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars are an enjoyable delightful frozen dessert, though they are not as healthy as the Outshine bars that have real fruit embedded in them. Each 85 gram bar is a single serving. In the 1 bar serving, there are 80 calories, and they have no fat. As well, one serving also has only 19 grams of carbohydrates (that’s 6% of the RDA!). They do not have any Sodium, cholesterol, or protein. The Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars do have 25% of the RDA of Vitamin C.

Edy’s Outshine bars have quality ingredients, which is probably why they are so comparatively expensive (compared to ice cream, sorbets and popsicles). Made primarily of water, grapefruit juice from and sugar, Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars are a surprisingly good frozen dessert! There is nothing unpronounceable in the ingredients list and there are no allergy notes on the box.


Edy’s Outshine is juice-based, so when it is not frozen, it melts and has the potential to spoil. The Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars we found two months ago had an April 27, 2014 expiration date on the box, but because they remain good after their expiration date, they are worth buying now (if one can find them!) and stocking up on them for the summer.

The Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars are yellow and get sticky when they melt. When the frozen dessert melts and gets onto fabrics, it will require one to wash it right out. On nonporous surfaces, the fluid wipes off exceptionally easily.


Edy’s Outshine Grapefruit Fruit Ice Bars are an energizing fruit flavored treat that is enough to thrill anyone who loves the citrus joy that is grapefruit!

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