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Myah’s Favorite Toy Is The One That Came With Her: The Hartz Precious Pals Teddy Bear!

The Good: Durable, Comparatively inexpensive, Myah loves it, Squeaker hold up!
The Bad: None that I can find!
The Basics: Myah came to us with a Precious Pals toy that has held up for almost four years and is perfect!

When Myah, our Siberian Husky, came to live with my wife and I, she came with a few accessories. Perhaps the most significant was her Teddy. Teddy is a Hartz teddy bear that turns out to be from the Precious Pals toy line. During the brief time I had an association with Hartz (they sent me some toys for review last year and then I heard nothing from them after I posted those reviews), my wife asked me to look into tracking down exactly what Teddy was. Her concern, as we had found Myah mothering Teddy frequently, was that if Teddy wore out, Myah would experience loss that we could not help her with. Despite having the Hartz tag, none of the representatives at Hartz could help us place Teddy and we could not find the stuffed dog toy in the Hartz database.

Flashforward to now, almost a year later. My wife and I have moved to Michigan and the only toy Myah wanted up front in the Uhaul for the trip was Teddy. She had Teddy, a duck jerky snack to keep her busy (reviewed here!) and plenty of water for the thirteen hour trip that ended up taking us more than fifteen hours. Right after the move, while my wife and I were getting supplies for our new place, she had us check the dog aisle at the local store for some new snacks for Myah. As she looked at toys, I stood in shock behind her. When she noticed me looking funny, I simply said, “Look down.” She did and I was absolutely amazed that she did not instantly see what I did. There at the store was a pile of Teddy’s! Hartz couldn’t help us track them down, but eight months later, there was a pile of them at the store. As it turns out, they are Hartz Precious Pals Teddy Bear toy.

So, my wife bought the entire pile so Myah will never run out. While I agreed with the move, I was shocked one night when my wife became bored and overwhelmed poor Myah with the four replacement Teddy’s and the other two Precious Pals toys she picked up for Myah!

The Stuffed Teddy Bear toy is a simple one; it is nine inches tall, six inches wide. The Pink Bear stuffed Teddy Bear has a round plush body, two floppy arms and two floppy legs with large feet. The little ears on the Pink Bear Precious Pals are sewn on and durable. The nose, as it turns out is more furry than Myah’s aged Teddy, but the embroidery for the smile and eyes has held up over the years to look the same as the new ones we just bought! The Pink Bear Precious Pals toy has a 6” floppy tail that is like a little sock.

Myah is almost five years old, but she is very rambunctious and eager to play. Myah usually does not like us to activate the squeaker on the Precious Pals (every other toy, she’s fine with that and when she sets it off, that’s fine, but if we squeeze the toy to elicit a squeak, she starts bawling and comes to rescue Teddy!), but it does contain a squeaker in its belly. When squeezed, the squeaker sounds just like a clown nose in a high pitch. It is distinctive and brings Myah running!

What impressed me most about the Precious Pals toy is how durable it is. The squeaker cannot be punctured easily. Myah has had her initial Pink Bear Precious Pals for years and she has pushed, bit, and thrown the toy around (in addition to protecting and mothering it) and the squeaker does not break. Moreover, we’ve put the Pink Bear through the washer and dryer at least once now to be sure Myah isn’t dragging the toy around to the point that it gets unhealthy, filthy, and gross. The Precious Pals toy seems virtually indestructible, making is a very good investment for those of us with active dogs. This seems like it would be a toy that could be easily destroyed by a dog, but because Myah has not tried – she mothers it more than she plays with it – I can authoritatively say it is durable. More aggressive dogs would be able to rip this apart easily.

Cleaning the Pink Bear Precious Pals is fairly easy. Washing a saliva-covered Pink Bear Precious Pals in cold water gets it clean and it may be air dried or dried in a dryer on low heat (to prevent the squeaker from melting). This is pretty much like any stuffed animal, but it should not be put in the dryer on higher settings, lest the squeaker inside become more brittle.

Myah absolutely loves her Pink Bear Precious Pals and now, thanks to random luck, she has enough to last her a lifetime.

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