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I’m Surprised They Let Us In The Store . . . NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula Catfood Is Awesome, But Expensive!

The Good: Gollum absolutely loves it, Very nutritious
The Bad: Super expensive, Does nothing for urinary tract health/dental benefits
The Basics: Gollum enjoys his NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula cat food every day!

Today, I am revamping my cat product reviews, at least as far as the food ones are concerned. Like toys and human food, I think the pet food products could stand a little more order. I recognize that the components of a pet food review are a bit more formulaic than books, movies, or music reviews, so my review style for them might start to reflect that. Feel free to drop me a comment to let me know what you think (especially if you think there is an important component to deciding to purchase cat foods that I’m missing with the new layout!).

So, the new, more obviously organized, format begins with my take on NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula catfood. My wife and I snagged a few samples from a local pet shop when we picked Gollum, our beautiful black cat who my wife is worried has gotten thin in her absence over the summer, up a new litter pan (reviewed here!). Undereating will not be a problem for Gollum, if his consumption of NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula catfood is any indication (though my ability to afford it certainly will be!). Gollum exhibited a strong preference for NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula catfood; so much of a preference that he picked around his regular catfood in his dish to eat up the NutriSource catfood on several occasions!


Chicken & Rice Formula NutriSource Cat & Kitten is a cat food formulated for cats at all stages of life and the five ounce package we snagged represented one serving for a cat 10 – 14 lbs. Gollum has not been below 10 lbs. in years, so his serving size is 1 – 1 1/3 cups per meal. The NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula catfood regularly comes in a sixteen pound reinforced paper bag that is priced online at $32 and in many premium cat stores for more. As a cheapskate and poor person, I do not have the resources to continually spoil Gollum at such a level.

The Chicken & Rice Formula NutriSource Cat & Kitten food comes with uniform, triangular wedge pieces with each side being approximately 3/8” long and a thickness of around 1/8”. The little brown wedges are hard and look like what one might expect out of catfood.

Ease Of Preparation

NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula catfood is a hard catfood that comes in a large bag, so preparation only involves opening the bag and measuring out the proper serving size for your cat, as determined by its weight. A sixteen pound bag would – by the numbers – last Gollum two months.

Gollum’s Reaction

This cat food does not smell bad at all. The Chicken & Rice Formula NutriSource Cat & Kitten catfood has a slightly meaty, mostly mealy bouquet to it. Gollum is able to smell it two rooms away, which surprised me.

Gollum absolutely loves this. Within a minute of my putting it in his bowl – whenever I do – he pounces to his new feeding area (atop our clothes dryer, as it is one of the few places Myah cannot get to!) and he begins mowing it down. When I tried to switch him back to his regular, mass-produced catfood, he cried before eating it. So, NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula catfood is definitely a winner with Gollum!


As well, this is an exceptionally nutritious cat food. The guaranteed analysis of it indicates that it has a minimum of 32% crude protein and 19% crude fat, it is a good food to put to rest my wife’s concerns that Gollum has gotten too thin. With no more than 5% crude fiber and 10% moisture, this is a food that Gollum frequently drinks after eating. Always have adequate water near your cat’s feeding area!

As well, those who are concerned about what goes into their pets will be pleased by how this is an all natural this cat food. The main ingredients are chicken, chicken meal, and rice. While the last half of the ingredient list is a chemistry equation I can barely read, the primary ingredients are all recognizable and several are even human friendly! My point is that Chicken & Rice Formula NutriSource Cat & Kitten cat food is one of the healthier alternatives for cats and Gollum actually likes it. It does not, however, have any specific dental benefits, nor urinary tract protection built into the formula.


Ultimately, Chicken & Rice Formula NutriSource Cat & Kitten is an exceptionally good food for cats that is a bit heavier on my wallet than I would like, especially for a formula that does not specifically aid my cat’s urinary tract or prevent tartar buildup on his teeth. But, if Gollum had his way, I am sure he would eat it every day!

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  1. My cats (2 kittens 10 months old and 1 cat who is nearly 2 years old.)love this. However, I am homebound and cannot find it easily PLUS PetFoodDirect wants $15 to ship 3 bags. There's NO break in shipping for over $50 in sales here. Where on EARTH can I buy it? OnlyNaturalPet does not carry this product or I'd get it there as I do 99% of the pet supplies/food/litter. Amazon has the same price with high shipping as Amazon Prime break.......Very expensive so we are, sadly, looking for a an alternative.

    1. Price is definitely a detraction to this cat food. I found it at a little, local pet shop. Finding online inexpensively is not possible as far as I've found!

      Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment!