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The Accessory Sells The Attack Of The ClonesTusken Raider With Massiff Action Figure!

The Good: Well detailed, Some interesting articulation, Accessories, Decent balance
The Bad: Poor construction of part of the accessory
The Basics: The Tusken Raider with Massiff is a better Attack Of The Clones figure, but it is definitely the Massiff that sells the figure!

There are very few background aliens from the Star Wars Saga that have been tooled and retooled as much as the Tusken Raiders, at least as far as the action figures go. For the Attack Of The Clones line, one of the variations was the Tusken Raider with Massiff. And the figure is fine, though it is virtually identical to the Power Of The Jedi Tusken Raider with a mini-animal figure accessory instead of the blaster rifle that figure came with.

The Tusken Raider with Massiff is the Tusken Raider with the Massiff as he appeared on Tatooine in Attack Of The Clones (reviewed here! ). The Massiff’s guarded the camp before Anakin came to slay them all down.

This 4" Tusken Raider with Massiff figure is generally decent, but the Massiff is cooler in some ways as it is the key selling point for this figure.


Tusken Raider with Massiff is the desert nomad from Attack Of The Clones with the chained animal. His legs are hidden beneath the flexible, soft plastic robe and the bandoleer is molded onto the toy, crossing his chest. He is standing tall and his arms are oriented as if he will hold a two-handed blaster rifle. This Tusken Raider with Massiff figure stands 4" tall and is appropriately coifed in his tan robes with face mask.

This toy is a decent sculpt, though that is pretty easy considering he has no flesh showing. The coloring is far from monotonal. The wraps on the head are shaded and the robe itself is flecked with black dots to make him look like he has been out in the sand. The face mask is appropriately gunmetal color and this sculpt has the head bolts which are also appropriately molded.


Tusken Raider with Massiff comes with only the Massiff mini-figure. It is a four-legged, spiny-backed reptile dog that has a metal chain and plastic harness. The four-legged creature has an articulated jaw. The accessory is molded with very distinctive (almost harsh) ribs. The harness is made to look like it is belted up. The coloring of the accessory is actually more impressive than the detailing on the Tusken Raider itself. The accessory attaches to the Tusken Raider via two soft bands that latch around the figure’s wrist. While this is initially enough, it is too loose and the soft plastic seems to warp open over the years.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and Tusken Raider with Massiff is not bad in that regard. First, Tusken Raider with Massiff has great balance. While he stands best flatfooted, the stiff plastic robe bottom allows him to stand even when out of a strict flatfooted pose. The feet also have holes in them for attaching to playsets. This is a fairly stable figure.

As well, the Tusken Raider with Massiff is gifted with only eight points of articulation. The lowered flexibility is not as cool as the newest sculpt’s articulation, but the figure makes up for that with the cool Massiff figure! The Tusken Raider has joints at the groin socket, shoulders, elbow, left wrist, waist and neck. There is no articulation in the knees or ankles and all of the joints are simple swivel joints.


Tusken Raider with Massiff is part of the 2002 Star Wars saga collection of four-inch action figures. This series of Star Wars action figures was fairly common and the Tusken Raider with Massiff figure was #52 in that collection and was in no way shortpacked in the cases. As a result, Tusken Raider with Massiff was pretty well available in the cases of this product and as a result is still widely available on the secondary market today. In other words, this Tusken Raider with Massiff is a poor investment and is more ideal for collectors and children who actually want an interesting Tusken Raider with Massiff figure set to play with!


Tusken Raider with Massiff is an interesting figure that looks good even beside the current run of figures, making it a good, cheap way to augment one’s Tatooine play environment or display.

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