Wednesday, September 26, 2012

UTZ Potato Stix Are A Fun Snack!

The Good: Tastes good, Fairly decent ingredients, Inexpensive
The Bad: Not at all healthy! A little messy
The Basics: UTZ Potato Stix ate a good, fun snack that are an inexpensive salty treat.

Moving into our own place has taught me a lot about my wife. We’ve been married for almost three and a half years, but I am still learning so much about her. For example, when we went out recently, she declared her undying love of potato sticks and that led her to pick up a big canister of UTZ Potato Stix. That led me to discover that I actually enjoy the inconvenient food!


Potato Stix, for those who are not familiar with them, are produced by UTZ, a brand distributed in the U.S. at places like Big Lots stores. They are intended to compete against Andy Capp’s fries or any whole unflavored potato chip. These are, essentially, potato chips that are sliced into strips that are about 1/8 – 3/16” wide and tall and up to 1 1/2” long.

Potato Stix come in a 15 oz. cardboard canister. No two Potato Stix are identical.

Ease Of Preparation

Potato Stix are simple to enjoy; all you need do it open the canister and remove the snacks from it! There is no trick to eating Potato Stix; they are a snack that is ready to go from the canister to the mouth. Unlike potato chips, these are small and somewhat messy


Potato Stix smell like warm potatoes. From the aroma, there is actually no doubting that these Potato Stix are made with actual potatoes! The scent is inviting to anyone who loves potatoes or salty snacks.

In the mouth, the Potato Stix are delightfully salty, with minimal sense of grease or oil. These actually taste like fried potatoes and salt, as opposed to just salt or oil. These are a very flavorful snack that is more reminiscent of French fries (cold) than potato chips.


Potato Stix are a surprisingly natural snack. The primary ingredients are potatoes, cottonseed oil and salt. The shelf life of these snacks is pretty awesome. The pack we picked up last month expires in July of 2013.

Each one ounce serving of Potato Stix has 160 calories, one hundred of which come from fat. While there are 11 grams of fat and 2 grams of protein, there are only 90 mg of sodium, which represents 4% of one's RDA of sodium. There are no other vitamins and minerals, except 15% of the RDA of Vitamin C and 4% of one’s daily Iron! There is a dietary note that the Potato Stix stating they are, however, Gluten-free and have no trans fats.


Kept in their canister, Potato Stix will remain fresh indefinitely, though my canister had an expiration date of July 6, 2013. I've never had to deal with issues of freshness for my Potato Stix.

Cleanup is simple as well. Potato Stix are a dry food with a light oil to them, so they leave a little mess behind. When done eating, simply wash your hands, throw out the canister and cleanup is done!


Potato Stix are a surprisingly good snack that makes for an interesting change from normal potato chips; they are enough to make me understand why my wife is such a fan!

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