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Fans Were Given The Choice And They Had Ellorrs Madak Made!

The Good: Fine sculpt, Fleshes out the Cantina aliens fine, Surprisingly good balance, Good accessory
The Bad: Mediocre articulation
The Basics: Given how many aliens there were in the Cantina in A New Hope, it is surprising fans picked Ellorrs Madak as their first fan choice figure!

I like the fact that Hasbro actually asks the fans of its popular toy lines what they want once in a while. In the Star Wars toy line, Hasbro has a habit of asking fans to choose which figure will be produced about once per line. When they started doing that, in the Power Of The Jedi toy line, the very first figure they chose to have made was Ellorrs Madak.

For those unfamiliar with Ellorrs Madak, he was a Cantina alien seen in A New Hope (click here for my review!). Seen for about two second, Ellorrs Madak was a green-headed, big-eyed alien that looked pretty much like the archetypal extraterrestrial, in a flight suit.

The 4" Ellorrs Madak looks just like the character seen for a second in the film, though he has a gun instead of a glass.


Ellorrs Madak is an alien with green skin, a bald head and simple clothing! The figure stands 3 3/4" tall to the top of his head. Ellorrs Madak is a green alien with red eyes and very spread fingers.

This toy is a wonderful sculpt, which makes sense given that Ellorrs Madak is a very simple character and ought to be able to be rendered as a figure because Lucasfilm has great ties with Hasbro. Ellorrs Madak is very much an alien, despite having a generally humanoid shape. His head is over large and he has very simple red eyes and looks surprisingly like a Neimodian. Ellorrs Madak's flight suit has details that are surprisingly good for such a simplistic background alien. The boots have the ribbing and a small holster molded right to it. The smooth outfit is also cast with folds and texturing that make it look like more than just a basic outfit.

As for the coloring details, Ellorrs Madak is simply monotonal with his green skin. This figure lacks realistic depth or shading, but the pearlescent flight suit is nice and everything is colored accurately.


Ellorrs Madak comes with a tiny blaster pistol. The ½” long blaster pistol fits perfectly in the boot holster. It is incredibly molded with two barrels. It is also well colored with silver and black highlights. It fits only in Ellorrs Madak’s right hand.

As part of the Power Of The Jedi toy line, Ellorrs Madak comes with a Jedi Force File. This is a tiny fold-out magazine which describes Ellorrs Madak, his species, natural enemies and allies and offers ideas for play with the figure. This is a pretty cool idea and appeals to trading card collectors as well.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and Ellorrs Madak is fair in that regard, despite having a great sense of balance. The figure is poorly articulated, though he was as articulated as pretty much all of the figures at the time were. He comes with only six points of articulation and he is even able to stand when his feet are moved out of flatfooted position. He has joints at the groin socket, shoulders, neck and waist. All of the joints are simple swivel joints.


Ellorrs Madak is part of the expanded saga Power Of The Jedi four-inch series, a series of Star Wars action figures that was fairly common. Ellorrs Madak was one of the most overproduced of the line and as a result can still be found dirt cheap, despite being a Cantina Alien who only appears in this one casting. In other words, Ellorrs Madak is a poor investment as it may often be found selling lower than its original issue price. Even so, those looking for another Cantina alien to enjoy are likely to enjoy Ellorrs Madak as it does flesh out the larger Star Wars universe!


Ellorrs Madak is a worthwhile, if simplistic, action figure that fleshes out the broader Star Wars figure universe.

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