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Great Scent And Powerful Conditioning Properties, Bath & Body Works’ Pleasures Coconut Lime Verbena Volumizing Conditioner Delivers!

The Good: Works very well, Decent scent
The Bad: Comparatively pricy
The Basics: Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner from Bath & Body Works is one of the most vibrant-scented, best conditioners from the trendy company!

There are very few conditioners I consider for review without also trying the corresponding shampoo. However, as I went through some of my wife’s hygiene supplies, I discovered she had bought a bottle of Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena conditioner. I could not find the equivalent shampoo among her stuff, so it’s entirely possible she never bought one (she does not have the same hang-ups as me on trying to make matched sets of shampoos and conditioners). So, I started using this volumizing conditioner very casually. It surprised me to discover that this was only the second Bath & Body Works Conditioner I had reviewed, the prior one being the Rain Kissed Leaves conditioner (reviewed here!). What didn’t surprise me was that this worked exceptionally well after only two uses (the words “transformative hair experience” certainly apply here!) and that the price tag on the shampoo revealed the only real flaw with this product (it is comparatively very expensive).

Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner is a conditioner I have been using now for only a week. What made me so very impressed about Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner is that in less than a week, my hair was more hydrated and manageable than it was the week before. Moreover, the robust scent of the Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner impressed me. Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner took my hair, which was honestly pretty frazzled and broken only two weeks ago, and made is soft, manageable and completely unfrazzled. It truly has been a transformative hair experience and given that my hair was getting a little sun-damaged of late, the power of this conditioner almost justifies the expense.

Two weeks ago, right before I found the bottle of Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner in my wife’s beauty product box, I had very thin hair and split ends that I know my wife would want to clip. The rest of my hair was fragile as well; I have not been as vigilant about conditioning my hair when I wash it since while my wife has been away and in the summer I am eager to avoid my hair taking on a greasy appearance or feel. Less than two weeks since starting daily conditioning using Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner, my hair no longer splits off when I brush it. I’ve looked at it closely and my hair is now unbroken and unkinked throughout my mane, except where split ends still exist. I am certain that if I just trimmed my split ends and continued conditioning with this conditioner, my hair would be perfect within a week.

The Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner is an opaque, pearlescent white fluid that is more like the consistency of hand lotion than a shampoo. Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner is thick and takes a lot to spread over the hair. However, having set the conditioner for over five minutes on my hair each day, the conditioning properties of this are undeniable. While it does not fix split ends (does any conditioner?!), my hair is stronger, more lustrous and more manageable than it was two weeks ago.

Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner smells richly of coconut. The scent reminded me instantly of a coconut cream pie and the milky, buttery scent of coconut is chased by a hint of lime that is distinctive. I’m not positive what verbena smells like, but I am betting it is the slightly floral/slightly aloe afterscent that competes with the lime for attention after the coconut aroma is done expressing itself. As one who loves products that provide a powerful scent memory, I have been enjoying the Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner because the aroma lingers in my hair for a full day, giving me a relaxing coconut scent whenever I raise my ponytail to my nose. This has a great lingering scent that is not overbearing in any way.

Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing conditioner, as a Bath & Body Works product, is a little more expensive than most other conditioners on the market, especially by volume. That said, I cannot recall the last time I used a conditioner that smelled so good and delivered on its hydrating promises as fast as this conditioner. That makes it, despite the expense, very easy to recommend!

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