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A Pretty Wonderful Cleaner, OdoBan Eucalyptus Scent Is A Decent Alternative To Lysol!

The Good: Eliminates odors quite well, Appears to kill germs and clean well.
The Bad: Not the best scent
The Basics: OdoBan Eucalyptus Scent does, in fact, eliminate odors and appears to kill germs comparably to Lysol!

I have long considered Lysol products the gold standard by which many cleaners should be judged. I always liked the fact that Lysol products killed germs in addition to eliminating the odors generated by those germs. But I have not been a fan of aerosol cans for, well, most of my life – I grew up in the 1980s and was deeply affected by the notion that aerosols destroy the ozone layer. So, as the years have gone by and I encounter more and more cleaners, I am always looking for something that seems to have the power of Lysol disinfectant, without the primary liability of that product.

I may just have found that! The product is OdoBan Eycalyptus Scent air freshener. I’ve been using this product for over six months at work and the truth is, it really does seem to work!

OdoBan's Eucalyptus Scent Odor Eliminator comes in a 24 oz. bottle with a spray trigger top. The nozzle ends in a simple, pretty standard, rotating cap that offers three spraying options: Off, Stream, and Spray. The "Off" function locks the trigger and prevents anything from being sprayed. This is handy for those who have children kicking around who might otherwise enjoy getting into a bottle like this. So long as the kid has a short attention span, this will thwart them from spraying the product around. The "Spray" setting creates a fine mist that dusts a decent area, about six inches square when held a foot away. The "Spray" function creates a wide dispersion of the Pet Fresh and that works fine for covering the assumed area of soiling (dark carpet, I'm done with feeling around for the wet spots!). The “Stream” option sprays a tight beam of the fluid when one pulls the trigger. It is good for precision germ-killing.

The actual product is a clear liquid with a faint smell to it. The scent is inoffensive and almost unnoticeable, which I suppose is how eucalyptus smells. I tend to like odor eliminators that also leave a pleasant scent, but OdoBan prioritizes the killing of germs and the death of odors as opposed to leaving the air or surface smelling like something when the process is over. Having had plenty of this stuff on my skin I can honestly say that OdoBan does not irritate the skin. I'm not tasting it, even for a review!

The directions for use are ridiculously simple. To sanitize an area, clean all foreign matter, then spray OdoBan on and let it work for a minute before wiping it up. To disinfect, simply spray on the target area. We use OdoBan Eucalyptus Scent at work to clean the toilets and, despite having some employees whose habits leave me baffled (we’re all adults here!), the toilets always smell and look better after we use OdoBan on them!

The directions also recommend testing the product on a discreet area to make sure that it does not have an effect on color fastness of the fabric being sprayed. I've yet to find a fabric that bleeds when this is used on it. OdoBan Eucalyptus Scent does effectively get odors out of all of those fabrics and carpets. This is a remarkably easy product to use. I flip the cap to the spray setting (yeah, I keep it "Off" otherwise, though I don't know why) and spray it exactly as it mentions on the bottle.

The OdoBan Eucalyptus Scent lasts, even with a lot of workers and turnover at the business. We’ve been using the same bottle for over seven months and it really seems to go far while still doing all it promises.

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