Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daisy Is Already Getting Into Her Super Pet Natural Lava Block Chew!

The Good: Great for rabbit teeth, Fits perfectly on the Treat-K-Bob, Inexpensive
The Bad: Daisy ignores the wood pieces entirely.
The Basics: Super Pet's Natural Lava Block is a worthwhile chew that it keeping my rabbit occupied even now!

A few days ago, I was out picking Myah up some treats and I am, truth be told, the type of pet parent who tries to keep things even between all my “kids.” So, in addition to picking up some treats for our cat, Gollum, I went shopping for something special for my most finicky family member. That would be Daisy, our black dwarf rabbit. On the advice of a sales person at the local pet shop – who also has a dwarf rabbit – I bought her the Super Pet Natural Lava Block for her Treat-K-Bob (reviewed here!).

The Natural Lava Block pack consists of a single block that essentially resembles a pumice stone. The gray cube is 1 3/4" on all six sides with 3/4" wooden treats stuck to four of the sides. The wooden treats are small squares and hearts that the rabbit, presumably, chews upon after they are done with the primary block. Daisy is not. In fact, even as she has shredded her Lava Block (with enough rapidity that I have some issue with calling this a value!), she has studiously ignored the wood pieces in her cage. And Daisy is a girl who usually loves sticks! The Lava Block is easily mounted on the Treat-K-Bob as it has a single hole through the center that easily fit on the metal dowel.

This is defined on the packaging as a treat, but I think it occupies a weird place between treat and toy as Daisy happily knocks it around to keep herself interested in the Natural Lava Block in addition to consuming it.

The Natural Lava Block is entirely safe for rabbits and help foster healthy teeth and gums. Because Daisy really attacks this, it is very easy to recommend, but there is not much to say about it. Daisy pulverizes it such that it becomes a fine dust which she leaves in discrete piles within her cage. I tend to clean it up with her litter and that’s it. Daisy’s oral health is maintained well utilizing the Natural Lava Block and given that her existence is basically the limits of her cage while I clean up our house for the move, I feel pretty good about the expense to help her break up the monotony of her daily life.

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