Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Average Plush With Disney’s Overpricing! The 10” Thumper From Bambi Is Very Average!

The Good: Cute, Well-made, Good rendering
The Bad: Doesn't DO anything, Expensive
The Basics: A good rendering of Thumper from Bambi, the 10" plush Thumper stuffed animal is best when found free through the Disney Club!

It is the calm before the storm for me right now. Only days before Hallmark’s usual Ornament Preview Weekend, I am cleaning house and preparing for an onslaught of ornament reviews I will have to write next week. It’s actually exciting for me, but it leaves me rapidly cleaning up loose ends around the house. One of those loose ends is the 10” Thumper plush my wife left when she went off for the summer. I wasn’t sure how keen I would be on having the little Thumper around, unlike the Lady plush (click herereviewed here!), which reminds me of our beloved, deceased geriatric cocker spaniel Mitzie. Thumper does not resembled Rowe, our poor dead rabbit, and truth be told, when my wife excitedly found this 10” plush through the Disney club, I was shocked she wanted it. After all, she showed no particular affinity for Bambi before now!

The 10" plush Thumper toy is made by Disney and sold through the Disney Store and their online club. They are generally found in the massive pile of stuffed animals at the Disney Store or on-line for those who do not like digging through piles of fluffy things. My wife was it and redeemed almost a thousand points from buying her DVDs in order to get this little 10” plush!


Disney makes plush toys based on various animals in their films, both contemporary and classic. They are manufactured in China and tend to be sold through Disney-exclusive outlets (this Thumper was a Disney exclusive). These stuffed toys are designed to look cute and resemble the characters from the movies. In the case of the Thumper Disney toy, this is a little gray and pink rabbit-shaped stuffed animal with two embroidered eyes which look like patches. Thumper has a soft nose sewn into his face and his mouth is wide open. The plush looks very much like a bunny and the floppy ears are adorable, but do not stand up. The feet are well-detailed for the soles which have heel and toe pads that are embroidered on like the eyes.

The stuffed toy stands up on his hind legs and is 7 3/4" tall to the top of his head, 10” to the top of the ears if one stands them up. He is 8” wide and almost 8” deep given the way the toy leans. For the most part, I was impressed by this three-dimensional rendering of the two-dimensional character. Thumper looks exactly like the cheerful bunny from Bambi. Fans of that film are likely to be quite impressed.

Thumper as a Disney toy is composed primarily of polyester fibers.


Thumper, given that he is based upon a cute little rabbit from an animated movie, does not have much that he could be accessorized with. He comes only with his cute smile and felt tooth at the front of his mouth.


Thumper is not much for play, though he does stand up on his plush feet. He balances well and he is soft and cuddly, so this is kidsafe and fans of the film as well as young children are likely to enjoy hugging or snuggling with this toy. It is a bit small for older children to try to hug.


Disney toys appear to have been around for years and Thumper appears and disappears from the market. One suspects that Disney will keep making the 10" Thumper plush until demand is fully met. It is doubtful it will ever be a good investment toy.


The Thumper plush is cute, but unremarkable, making it much tougher sell to anyone but the die-hard fans. I remain surprised that my wife would fall into that category!


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