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No Sparkle, But The Justice Green Lantern Is A Decent Basic Hal Jordan Figure!

The Good: Great sculpt, Good coloring detail, Decent balance
The Bad: Rough edges, Light on articulation
The Basics: Improved upon since in some ways, the Justice Green Lantern action figure is a solid Hal Jordan figure that looks good in displays!

For those who might not read my many, many reviews, I have become a comic book geek, at least in part. I am pretty sure that because I take my toys out of their packages for review, play and display that I might not be considered a toy geek, but I’m sure my wife would consider me one! As much as she might (very occasionally) gripe about my growing collection of toys, she does quite a bit to foster that collection. So, for example, today for our 39 month anniversary, she gave me the Justice Hal Jordan Green Lantern action figure (an important distinction as there is a John Stewart Green Lantern figure in this same series, albeit a different wave). The Wave 3 Hal Jordan figure is different from the current DC Direct Green Lantern Offerings, the Boodikka figure (reviewed Here!) is my latest example in that it is cast in a solid green plastic, without any metallic sheen to it.

As a result, this version of Green Lantern has a very classic comic book look to him. He might not have a lot of flash or sparkle, but he looks like a solid, upstanding hero.

For those unfamiliar with Green Lantern, in Justice (reviewed Hise!), he is waylaid early in the book by Sinestro, who uses a Boom Tube to teleport him outside the known universe. Lost for much of the book outside the reach of time and space, Hal Jordan begins to go quietly mad within his ring.

It is Green Lantern before in his standard costume, not the ring vision flight jacket, that is the subject of the Justice Green Lantern action figure.


The Green Lantern figure is very well-detailed and is a good sculpt, despite having two very noticeable production welts on the shoulders and left side (like they were not sanded smooth before the detailing was finished). The artwork of Alex Ross translates nicely into the Green Lantern figure as this Green Lantern is muscular, determined-looking and bears both the Green Lantern costume and the lone curl on his forehead that makes this Green Lantern distinctly Hal Jordan. The human Green Lantern stands 7 1/16" tall to the top of the figure's head. His skin is visible only on his head. The Justice rendition of Green Lantern is from DC Direct.

This toy is a decent sculpt; for a character that has only had two-dimensional references, Green Lantern looks good in all three dimensions. DC Direct did not make the character insanely muscular, though he is sporting a pretty tight six-pack. DC Direct cast Green Lantern in hard plastic and he is solid. Green Lantern is molded with classic green outfit with the iconic lantern symbol painted right on. His hair is molded with enough texture to look like actual hair, as opposed to some deranged helmet. His mask is, appropriately, molded right to his face and DC Direct was good enough to include his power ring on his right middle finger!

This Green Lantern figure has decent, though unremarkable, coloring details as well. Green Lantern's eyes are little more than black dots under the mask and the costume is monotones of white, black, and green. However, the figure’s hair seems to have more than one shade to it and the lips are the most subtle, realistic pink I’ve seen on an action figure . . . possibly ever!


Green Lantern, Hero of the DC Universe that he is, comes with only his stand and his lantern battery. The stand is a black and silver square that looks like a piece of flooring. It is 6" by 4.5” and 1/2” tall and it has a pair of peg holes spaced 2” apart. The pegs come with the figure and plug into the base and then into the hole in Green Lantern’s right heel. Why there are two holes/pegs for a figure with only one foot hole I do not know. He is perfectly stable on his base.

The Lantern Battery is actually surprisingly cool, though. Made of metal and plastic, the familiar four-pointed lamp with the rounded handle fits ideally into Green Lantern’s left hand. Measuring 1 1/2” tall by 3/4” wide and 7/8” deep, the lantern battery looks exactly as it does in the comics, save that it has a pretty noticeable seam to it. Even so, it looks very cool in Hal Jordan’s hand!


The DC Direct figures were designed more for display than play. This Green Lantern is ideal for display, but has a few design quirks with his articulation. He has less articulation than most figures, but he looks more solid as a result. The trade-off, of course, is that he is less poseable. This Green Lantern actually has decent balance on his own. He can stand flatfooted in most poses off his stand. On his stand with his foot plugged into the base, he is perfectly stable.

Green Lantern comes with nine points of articulation, most of which are hinge joints. Green Lantern has joints at the knees, groin socket, shoulders, elbows and head. The elbows and knees are both hinge joints, while the groin socket and head are simple swivel joints. The shoulder of the Hal Jordan figure are actual ball and socket joints, so they function ideally. This is not the most robustly articulated figure DC Direct has ever made, but on its stand, he still looks very good.


Green Lantern is part of the DC Direct Justice Series 3 line which was fairly uncommon, largely because it was mostly distributed through comic book shops. Green Lantern was one of only two heroes in the wave and he represented the best Green Lantern figure made at the time. Originally available in the $15 - $20 range, he has only maintained his value, arguably because there are so many Hal Jordan figures on the market. Given the popularity of the Blackest Night figures with their cool metallic quality to them, it is unlikely that this Hal Jordan figure will ever appreciate in value.


The Justice Green Lantern figure is a decent toy, but it does not actually hold a candle to the newer ones. Still, I like it for the classic look and feel it has and while it might be a harder sell for others, I proudly keep mine in my collection.

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