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I’m Unable To Stand The Original Attack Of The Clones Kit Fisto Action Figure!

The Good: Good head coloring detail, Decent accessory, Fair articulation.
The Bad: Terrible balance, Underdetailed coloring on costume, Mediocre articulation, Terrible collectible value.
The Basics: The Attack Of The Clones Collection Kit Fisto has been vastly improved upon in the Vintage Collection, making this first version not worth picking up at all.

Recently, I found the brand new Vintage Collection Kit Fisto action figure dirt cheap and picked it up (it’s reviewed here!). Only last weekend did I discover that I actually had the original Attack Of The Clones version of Kit Fisto as well! As one might expect, the original Kit Fisto figure is utterly unremarkable in comparison to the new Vintage Collection version of the character. Between severe balance problems and the lack of detailing for most of the figure, the first Kit Fisto figure is not worth picking up.

For those unfamiliar with the Kit Fisto, he was one of the more distinctive Jedi in Attack Of The Clones (reviewed here!). Kit Fisto is a Jedi Knight who appears briefly in the Battle Of Geonosis in the arena. He is distinctive for being a Twi’lek with so many head tentacles that they look like dreadlocks. Kit Fisto is the alien Jedi who encounters the mutilated C-3PO and uses the Force to knock him back, as opposed to chopping him up into many smaller pieces. Yes, viewers can thank Kit Fisto for C-3PO surviving to the original Trilogy to annoy viewers there!

The 4" Attack Of The Clones Kit Fisto was the very first version of this character in action figure form.


The Kit Fisto figure stands 3 15/16" tall to the top of his head. He is an alien who is wearing the typical Jedi tunic, which is made out of plastic. While most of the figure is made of hard plastic, his head tentacles and “skirt” are made of softer, more flexible plastic.

This toy is a fair sculpt. Hasbro nicely capturing the various tendrils coming off the Jedi’s head. However, Kit Fisto is cast in an extreme action pose and as a result, his legs are spread in such a way that he can really only be posed in one way as his right leg is straight and his left leg is partially bent. Kit Fisto is molded wearing the typical light brown vest and obi of a Jedi Knight with brown pants and brown boots. What distinguishes this Jedi Knight from all of the others is the amphibian head that defines him as a Twi’lek. Kit Fisto’s head is cast well to remind one of the fish- or frog-like character. Kit Fisto is further accented by buckles and pouches on his belt that add a nice touch of realism to him!

Outside that, Kit Fisto is colored exceptionally blandly. While his brown belt is accented with silver highlights for the buckles and grommets, all his clothing is monotonal in its coloring. By contrast, the tendrils on his head are appropriately mottled with darker green for realism. Even his eyes look good, though they are solid black with no additional detailing.


Kit Fisto is a Jedi Knight, so all he comes with as far as accessories is his lightsaber. This Twi’lek Jedi features a green bladed lightsaber which is very bright looking. The portion of the 2 7/8" blade that is green featured an electric green plastic. The blade of Kit Fisto’s lightsaber is removable. The lightsaber hilt is a simple, 3/4" silver and black cylinder with appropriate contouring to be a believable lightsaber hilt.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and Kit Fisto is underwhelming in that regard. First, the figure has absolutely terrible balance. Flatfooted, Kit Fisto tips over and his upper half has to be contorted to force the figure to remain standing. Fortunately, the holes in the bottom of his feet allow him to stand tall on any number of playsets in outlandish poses or stand in an action pose ready to defend other Jedi on Geonosis! Without using the foot holes, it is virtually impossible to keep the figure standing.

Kit Fisto is split on the articulation department. Despite the upper body being articulated only with swivel joints, he has no articulation with the legs below the groin socket. He has simple swivel joints at the groin socket, right elbow, wrists, waist, head and shoulders. He has limited range of motion for the head because the head tentacles inhibit most of the movement.

The Attack Of The Clones Kit Fisto also has a spring-loaded right arm that gives a lightsaber slashing action. This was an interesting ideas, but more problematic for those who display their figures as opposed to play with them.


Kit Fisto is part of the Attack Of The Clones line that was released in 2002 and it was vastly overproduced. Kit Fisto is Attack Of The Clones Collection figure #05 and it has not appreciated at all in value. In fact, it has generally lost value.


With its inability to stand up, the original Kit Fisto figure looks too clean and is poorly balanced; its lack of collectible value is just the last nail in the coffin. Better than many of the original figures, the Kit Fisto toy is still inadequate compared to the new Vintage Collection version.

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