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Long Time Anticipated, Pretty Big Disappointment: Lt. Ezri Dax's Mediocre Action Figure Debut

The Good: Good accessories, Coloring, Poseability, Articulation
The Bad: Few sculpt issues, Cannot hold all of her accessories, Slight issue with head/hair size
The Basics: Long anticipated by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans, the Ezri Dax action figure, is a big disappointment to fans of the show and the toys!

Art Asylum, who now distributes most of their limited edition figures through Diamond Select Toys, might well be the premiere creator of collectible toys in the world right now. They are known for creating some of the most detailed sculpts of characters and having an attention to detail on accessories that is unheard of. So, when it was announced that Art Asylum would be making the first ever Ezri Dax figure, that got a lot of fans excited. Most of us, though, no longer are.

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Series One figure of Ezri Dax is the first action figure of Ezri Dax to be produced by a toy company and it is a fair sculpt of the counselor of Deep Space Nine. Actually, Ezri's a tough figure to make (in the last few years, I have seen some pretty terrible custom figures of Ezri, as well as a very few good ones); it's pretty much a challenge to make Ezri look like Ezri and not an action figure of a twelve year-old boy. Indeed, with the fact that this is the first and only Ezri figure released, she is what is selling the cases of the first Series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine figures. Sadly, though, this is not the best figure in the line. Art Asylum and Diamond Select were pretty much due for a flop anyway.


The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Series 1 set of action figures contains a Lieutenant Ezri Dax figure, technically as she appeared in the final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as she was only in the one season. She is wearing the black and gray uniform with the teal (Sciences) top peeking out from beneath. Standing six and five-eighths inches tall, which puts her in proportion to the other action figures realistically. While Art Asylum managed to get the height of Ezri right, this is not amazing likeness of Lieutenant Dax. The uniform is well-detailed for the character, but the face is far more gaunt than that of actress Nicole de Boer, who played Ezri. Ezri has a very round face and this figure lacks the cheeks of Ezri.

In addition, Ezri has a very short, boyish haircut and the fine sculptors at Art Asylum apparently tried to give that detail by having a lone set of bangs that is out of place and it looks terrible. As a result, there is far less realism to the face. The hair is much too big, as well, and - frankly - Ezri never wore pants as tight as this figure has on. Yes, Ezri Dax has some pretty wonderful butt cleavage in this sculpt and it is utterly unrealistic for the uniform she is wearing. The figure includes such important details as the continuity of spots on the neck and face!

The paint job is generally well done. The skin tones are colored well and they even include the detailed shapes of the spots up the neck and around the eyes for a more realistic look to Lieutenant Dax! The uniform is appropriately colored and the figure looks good in that respect. In fact, my only beef with the paint job is a slight mark on the figure's communicator badge where it seems it was either not perfectly painted or it was slightly chipped away at! On this figure, almost half her communicator wasn't painted!


Lieutenant Ezri Dax comes with five accessories: An experimental StarFleet phaser rifle, a PADD, a coffee mug, a baseball cap and the targeting system for the phaser rifle. The phaser rifle is the one from "Field Of Fire" and it is an incredible sculpt with realistic coloring that is pretty impressive. It is also very large and while the right hand has the best potential to hold the handle, there is no way to make a solid two-handed grip on the weapon with her that way.

Similarly, targeting system is far too flexible to make for a good accessory. With the monocle over Ezri's eye, the ear hooks of the thing do not line up. With the ear hooks over the figure's ears, the eyepiece is not in front of her eye! With this on, she looks like she is wearing a demented tiara.

The PADD is a 7/8" choking hazard that is equally incredible in its detail. This works as a decent accessory for Ezri as she was counselor and used them frequently. It does fit in her hands (either of them) and instantly the bounty of accessories makes me wish that Diamond Select and Art Asylum would be ambitious enough to release a Deep Space Nine playset of some sort. One basically has to choose between Ezri the warrior or Ezri the relaxed with these accessories!

Ezri the relaxed would include the coffee mug which fits perfectly into Ezri's hands and fits her character wonderfully.

What doesn't fit at all is the baseball hat. The cap does not fit on Ezri's head because of her big hair. Instead, it sits atop her head making her look like a doofus. To be fair, though, it is remarkably detailed like the other accessories.


Lieutenant Dax sets a decent standard for Art Asylum and Diamond Select Star Trek figures in terms of playability. Lieutenant Ezri Dax is blessed as well by having sixteen points of articulation: ankles, knees, groin socket, biceps, elbows, wrists, shoulders, neck, and waist. The neck articulation is incredible given that the base of the neck is a ball joint, allowing for up and down posing as well as left to right movement. But the shoulders are equally impressive. As ball and socket joints (like real shoulders!), Lieutenant Dax is able to strike a number of poses that might otherwise be impossible and allow her to be posed in pretty advanced poses.

Moreover, for use with actual play, Lieutenant Dax has all sorts of movement potential making her one of the more realistic Star Trek action figures to play with (for those who actually play with these toys!). Well balanced, even in a running pose, Ezri is kept stable by the ankle articulation that keeps her sturdy. Indeed, this sculpt balances perfectly the look of Ezri in motion with the articulation to keep her standing. Having figures on display that do not tip over is a wonderful thing and Ezri's balance makes her decent.


Art Asylum and Diamond Select mass produced the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Series 1 figures, including the Lieutenant Dax. However, their version of "mass produce" is pretty limited. Unlike previous toy lines, there are no individual numbers on these figures, but mostly they were only available at hobby and comic book shops, so it is not like they were drastically overproduced by any means. The Ezri is one of two limited figures in the line (Odo was released as an exclusive) and because this is the first and only Ezri figure so far, it will be pretty highly desired.


Frankly, I'd like to see Art Asylum and Diamond Select take another stab at this sculpt. Ezri's good, but she could be better, especially in terms of the accessories fitting her hands. Sure, she stands up, but it's hard to have her look good with her best accessories while doing it.

This toy is based upon Lieutenant Ezri Dax as she appeared in the seventh season (her only one) of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, reviewed here!

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