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Constable Odo From Diamond Select: Another Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Toy Winner!

The Good: Great sculpt, Good accessories, Coloring, Poseability, Articulation
The Bad: Cannot hold all of his accessories at once/somewhat inappropriate accessory
The Basics: A pretty incredible toy, despite some minor balance and accessory issues, this is THE Odo figure to buy!

Sometimes, I find myself wondering if the makers of collectible toys actually bother to finish assembling the toys they make. After all, Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys and the like have got to know that they are generally catering to a niche market of collectors who buy pretty absolutely into the idea of keeping toys Mint In Package for future resale. Yes, toy collectors are a generally humorless bunch and the most extreme tend to buy their toys in duplicate so they have something they may have out to display.

The idea of assembling figures or not bothering in the case of collectible toy manufacturers came up for me most recently when I removed my brand new Constable Odo action figure from its package, attempted to put the Bajoran phaser rifle he came with in his right hand and the hand popped off! It's a simple enough fix, as it popped right back in, but it let me to wonder why the toy manufacturers bother; I wonder if they would bother if they knew the toys would never be removed from their packages. I was pretty psyched about my Constable Odo figure after opening up my Captain Benjamin Sisko toy a week ago. Having broken open the Constable Odo figure, it is nice to see that Diamond Select toys is keeping up its high standards!


The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Series 1 set of action figures contains a Constable Odo figure, as he appeared throughout Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. His is wearing the tan and brown Bajoran security uniform. Standing seven and a half inches tall, this is an amazing likeness of Constable Odo immortalized in plastic. The uniform is well-detailed for the character and the face is a strong likeness of Rene Auberjonois's legendary character. The figure includes such important details like the thin-lipped scowl Odo is best known for! This is truly an impressive sculpt!

The paint job is generally well done. The hair includes detailing and color variations for a more realistic look, though it is a bit less gray than Odo's hair. The uniform is appropriately colored and the figure looks good in that respect. In fact, my only beef with the paint job is a slight mark on the figure's nose.


Constable Odo comes with four accessories: A Bajoran phaser rifle, a Bajoran tricorder, a Bajoran PADD, and the bucket Odo used to regenerate in. That Constable Odo comes with the Bajoran phaser rifle is disturbing; Odo never had to resort to using firearms. Sure, it looks good for Odo to tote around the weapon, but it is out of character (one hopes the forthcoming Kira figure has one, though!). The Bajoran phaser rifle is incredibly detailed, including accurate coloring for the buttons and handles. Moreover, Odo holds the phaser rifle strikingly easily, which is also somewhat disturbing. The fingers (when the hand is attached) flex around the parts of the phaser rifle, making is a great fit; the left hand can even cradle the forward section of the gun.

The PADD is a 7/8" choking hazard that is equally incredible in its detail. This works as a decent accessory for Odo as he constantly used PADDs for his security files. This PADD has Quark's image on it - perhaps foreshadowing a figure from the next line? - and that level of detail is perfectly executed and well-conceived. The PADD does fit in his hands (either of them) and that his thumb can actually be placed on the thumb scan button on the PADD is impressive workmanship on both the figure and the accessory!

The Bajoran tricorder is essentially the same size and shape as the Bajoran PADD and it, too, fits either hand, though the left hand allows it to be gripped best. This is detailed extraordinarily well as far as coloring for the buttons go, making it another great accessory.

But the best accessory is the bucket. The bucket is over an inch and a quarter in diameter, which allows Odo's foot to fit into it. Why is this cool? Odo can be situated to look like he is popping out of his bucket, ready for action! The bucket is the perfect inaction accessory for Odo and it is nice to see that Art Asylum got that right with the accessories.


Constable Odo continues a wonderfully high standard for Art Asylum and Diamond Select Star Trek figures in terms of playability. Constable Odo is blessed as well by having sixteen points of articulation: ankles, knees, groin socket, biceps, elbows, wrists, shoulders, neck, and waist. The neck articulation is incredible given that the base of the neck is a ball joint, allowing for up and down posing as well as left to right movement. But the shoulders are equally impressive. As ball and socket joints (like real shoulders!), Constable Odo is able to strike a number of poses that might otherwise be impossible and allow him to be posed in pretty advanced poses.

Moreover, for use with actual play, Constable Odo has all sorts of movement potential making him one of the more realistic Star Trek action figures to play with (for those who actually play with these toys!). But for those posing the figure for display, this is THE Odo figure to have. Well balanced, even in a running pose, Odo is kept stable by the ankle articulation that keeps him sturdy. Indeed, this sculpt balances perfectly the look of Odo in motion with the articulation to keep him standing. Having figures on display that do not tip over is a wonderful thing and Odo's balance makes him pretty well perfect.


Art Asylum and Diamond Select mass produced the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Series 1 figures, though the Constable Odo figure was exclusive to Previews toy magazine. Unlike previous Star Trek: Deep Space Nine toy lines, there are no individual numbers on these figures, but mostly they were only available at hobby and comic book shops, so it is not like they were drastically overproduced by any means. The Odo is one of the two less common figures in the line (Ezri was short packed). Even with being an exclusive, the market was never flooded with these and as a result, it has - at the very least - retained its original value.


It is hard to complain about this sculpt as it is incredibly detailed, completely posable and has accessories enough to please action fans and pacifists who want an administrator on their desk. This is the Constable Odo action figure to buy, hands down. A must for any Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan!

This toy is based upon Constable Odo as he appeared throughout all of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, reviewed here!

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