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A Very Basic Toothpaste, Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection Is Barely Adequate.

The Good: Keeps teeth clean, Tastes good, Freshens breath
The Bad: Not powerful enough for adult needs.
The Basics: Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection seems to be a part of a full-Crest regimen for children, but fizzles on its own.

I will review pretty much anything that comes my way. It’s not that I don’t have standards, it has more to do with how judgmental I can be . . . and enjoy being. When it comes to toothpastes, it does not take much to keep me happy. But when I was given a tube of Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection for review, I found myself entirely underwhelmed. I understand that a children’s toothpaste does not need all of the fancy whitening powers and other aspects that adult toothpastes ought to have. However, I was hoping that the Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection would do something for my mouth and at least make it feel clean when I needed it to.

It did not.

Unfortunately, this toothpaste seems like it is specifically engineered to be a supplement to a regimen of flossing and mouthwashing for teeth that have not encountered any challenges yet in life. It felt weak. This toothpaste is listless and in my objective test – simply using a toothbrush without anything on it – the result was virtually the same! This toothpaste only squeaked ahead of using a toothbrush alone by the fact that its scent mildly improved my breath.

My wife and I purchased the 4.6 oz. tube of Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection toothpaste over a month ago and I have been using it daily. Because this is not a terribly aggressive toothpaste on tartar or plaque, I have found myself brushing far more often than usual just to ensure nothing goes wrong in my mouth. To its credit, my teeth have not deteriorated in any way since I started using the Kid’s Crest toothpaste.

Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection is a very basic, smooth toothpaste. It comes in a classic tube design with a plastic top that unscrews from the tube. The 4.6 oz. tube is made of a standard flexible plastic that tapers near the end with the nozzle. When the cap is unscrewed, there is a hard plastic nozzle which directs the product out of the tube and onto one's toothbrush. The toothpaste is easily dispensed from this type tube by flattening the plastic tube from the bottom toward the top and this also allows the user to get the most out of it.

To use Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection, simply dispense a small amount onto the bristles of a toothbrush and bring the brush up to your mouth and spread the toothpaste over teeth using the brush. Then agitate the toothpaste into a foam to clean teeth entirely and expectorate the product (the process takes about a minute). Rinse mouth to remove any excess toothpaste and the process should be complete, leaving your teeth feeling cleaner, at the very least.

Unfortunately, Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection is unremarkable. This toothpaste is only designed to prevent cavities and, on its own, it barely does that. The toothbrush alone does quite a bit more to remove plaque and tartar from teeth, gums and the tongue than this toothpaste does.

Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection barely freshens breath. The paste tastes very lightly minty, like the aftertaste of a peppermint, about half an hour after the candy is gone. The comparison holds as this toothpaste has a somewhat sugary aftertaste that does not leave the mouth feeling particularly clean or minty fresh. Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection, despite having little sparkle crystals in it, has no texture, no grit to agitate plaque and tartar on teeth. What mint freshness this toothpaste possesses fades within ten minutes of use.

Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection has no whitening or, apparent, preventative properties outside helping to prevent cavities, which is a pretty basic function that comes from any toothpaste and the simple act of brushing one’s teeth.

Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun Cavity Protection is thoroughly underwhelming and while I did not get any cavities while using this toothpaste, I suspect the results were virtually identical to what would have happened had I just run a toothbrush through my mouth for the past month without any toothpaste on it. Even kids deserve more than this is delivering.

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